It was so wonderful to see so many alumnae and alumnae parents at last weekend's festivities! Thank you for your continued support of your middle school. You – and your paths in life – are so very important to us, and we want to share your stories – achievements and challenges – with everyone! You are our Agents of Change and our current students are always looking up to you, imagining what their futures hold. Thank you to those who attended. Those who could not, we missed you, and hope to see you soon...and next year!

Thank you to our two speakers, Mara Wald '16 and Rachel Kaftan '13.  Here is an excerpt from the speech Rachel Kaftan '13's speech delivered at the brunch...words we were so proud to hear!

When I came out of eighth grade, I thought I knew myself to the greatest extent possible. I thought I wanted a boyfriend freshman year. I thought I had all my politics and values figured out. I thought I would become an actor and travel to Hollywood to win an Oscar—some things don’t change. But when I entered Franklin, a sprawling public school full of immigrants, x-bot geeks, and only about ten white people, I realized that, still, I didn’t know much about myself. Of course I wasn’t the only one experiencing that revelation—all high schoolers do. The difference depended on what I would do with that revelation. Would I choose fear and ignorance or acceptance in the fact that, yeah, I didn’t know myself yet. Thanks to L-Dub, I can say that I walked into high school confident enough to embrace the parts of myself that were terrifyingly unknown.

That’s what I think this school does well. It helps us find strength in difficult situations. It encourages us as young women to kick down doors with our opinions. It plants the seeds for free thought and self-respect. Every girl in my graduating class that came with me to high school has exceeded expectations of mere academic success. Whether we found satisfaction in the mock trial room, the swim team, the Feminist Union, or woodshop, everyone sees that we came from the same community. So even if we didn’t (and still don’t) thoroughly “know” ourselves, L-Dub is clearly at our roots—urging us to take risks and thrive in whatever place or circumstance we are forced to confront.


We want to hear from and see our alumnae as much as possible. Please come by to visit us anytime, and keep up with the goings on around school and events (some just for you!) on our facebook pages for Alumnae and fans. Write to us below and we'll share the news with our community – current and alumnae.

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