The Fuerza Fund

An independent school relies upon the generosity of its families, alumnae, parents of alumnae, trustees, grandparents, and friends to provide an exceptional program and environment for its students. Named after the school mascot – Fuerza – LWGMS’s Annual Fund is called The Fuerza Fund. Many of the enhancements and unique programs provided at our school are a result of each year’s Fuerza Fund. Annual giving allows us to offer an empowering education while keeping tuition affordable.

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Fuerza Fund Q&A

+ We already pay tuition. Why is the Fuerza Fund necessary?

Tuition does not cover the entire cost to educate a student at LWGMS. Annual tuition is $20,850 but we will spend, on average, $25,000 on each student's education during the school year. The purpose of the Fuerza Fund is to help bridge this gap in the current operating budget.

Your gift to the Fuerza Fund, combined with the gifts of other families, grandparents, and friends of the school, has the cumulative power to strengthen and elevate the the LWGMS community. Together we make LWGMS a place for to empower girls to be strong in mind, body, and voice. Additionally, your participation helps make a powerful statement to the larger community including outside donors and charitable foundations that look for strong support within the schools they wish to support.

+ Why not charge the full cost of educating a student?

Fundraising helps keep our tuition accessible, provides additional classroom materials and opportunities, and keeps the school diverse and open to a broad variety of students. In addition, while tuition is not tax deductible, your gifts to the school can be fully deducted. As a parent/guardian, your participation in the annual fund helps you to teach, by example, the importance of giving back. It is an opportunity for every family at LWGMS to discuss philanthropy and share those values as a family. Every family who gives takes ownership in LWGMS and contributes to the solidarity of our community.

+ Does it matter when I make my pledge?

Yes, it does! The Fuerza Fund is a line item in the LWGMS budget, and it helps with planning to account for all contributions as early in the school year as possible. Therefore, families are encouraged to make their pledges as soon as they can – they can even make them in their Back to School Forms! All pledges to the Fuerza Fund should be scheduled for completion by June 30 of the current academic year.

+ I support the spring gala fundraiser. Why should I support the Fuerza Fund, too?

LWGMS holds two fundraisers each year – the Fuerza Fund in the fall, and the gala in the spring. The Fuerza Fund supports operations and the gala raises financial aid funds exclusively. These two events bookend the school year and are intended to bring both fun and funds to our community.

+ What is the difference between the Future Ready Capital Campaign and the Fuerza (Annual) Fund?

Simply stated, Annual Fund gifts support stability, while capital campaign gifts support growth. LWGMS’s Future Ready Capital Campaign is focused on securing and building our future home. Unlike many independent schools that engage in on-going capital campaigns, this is LWGMS’s first. The Fuerza Fund is an annual request to support the school’s financial strength, stability and flexibility: providing a rainy day umbrella to protect against unexpected expenses or episodic revenue shortfalls, and to cover a variety of discretionary expenses such as upgraded technology, professional development, and small renovation projects. It also allows the school to take advantage of strategic opportunities when they arise.

+ How much should I give?

We hope you will participate at a level that is personally meaningful to you. Your gift, along with others, directly enhances your student’s education. Regardless of the amount, your donation is an expression of support and concern for the well-being of LWGMS. Every gift makes a difference!

+ Do you accept matching gifts?

Yes! Corporate matching gifts may double or even triple your gift. Contact your personnel office for eligibility requirements and matching gift forms which must be completed and returned with your gift to the school. Spouses, retirees, and board members may qualify. To find out if a particular company or foundation has a matching gift program, please click here. If your company has a matching gift program and is not listed in this document, please let us know by contacting the Advancement Office at LWGMS's EIN is 91-1835055.

+ Do you accept contributions of something other than cash?

Yes. We are happy to accept a gift of stock – for more information, please visit this page, or contact LWGMS’s advancement director, Becky O’Boyle and 206.709.3800 or by email for proper instructions.