Annual Fund

The Annual Fund 2016/2017

Lake Washington Girls Middle School’s position as Seattle’s most empowering school for middle school girls stems from the commitment of our faculty and staff; the dedication, hard work, and strength of our students; the powerful partnerships forged with parents and guardians; and the generosity of our donors. With this solid foundation, Lake Washington Girls Middle School has established a record of measured success over its eighteen years, and we have no intention of stopping here. As we look to the future, we envision increased opportunities to allow more girls to become strong in mind, body, and voice; for our faculty to continue to grow and inspire; and for our community to continue to welcome, include, and nurture each other and newcomers alike.

The LWGMS Annual Fund is the most important source of unrestricted funds to the School’s operation. These dollars help us bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of operating the school. Our annual giving program is crucial to the LWGMS experience: each year, parents, teachers, staff, board members, friends, grandparents, and neighbors impact the lives of our students by contributing to the Annual Fund.

LWGMS is committed to ensuring that every admitted student can attend our school, whatever her financial situation. Every year, we receive more requests for scholarships than we can support. Annual Fund contributions are essential to the health of our financial aid program as well as the day to day operations of the school, and are tax-deductible for the donor.

Each year, as we continue our work with wonderful students we feel a renewed appreciation for everything that makes this school so vibrant and successful. The ongoing commitment and involvement of numerous people in many roles all contribute to the vitality of our school.

Please join with us in ensuring that the Annual Fund Appeal continues to be secure bedrock upon which to build the future of LWGMS by making your pledge or contribution today.

Thank you.

Annual Fund Q&A

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the fund raising priority for the school. Contributions are used to make school-wide enhancements that would not otherwise be possible and provide an avenue for the entire school community (parents, teachers, staff, board members, grandparents, and friends) to contribute to LWGMS on an annual basis.

Why do we ask parents to make a donation on top of paying tuition?

LWGMS works hard to keep tuition as affordable as possible for our families. As a result, like other Independent Schools, LWGMS relies on a combination of tuition, Annual Fund gifts, and Auction revenue to cover annual operating costs. Even families paying full tuition are not paying for the cost of a complete LWGMS education; Annual Fund gifts help to bridge this gap of roughly $4,000 per student. Current parents are the largest and most significant donor group at LWGMS; they have the greatest opportunity and responsibility for contributing to their children’s education and to the vitality of the school. The strength of the Annual Fund can be a defining characteristic of a learning community, and this strength takes a combination of both many generous gifts and giving in large numbers. We ask that all LWGMS families take the time to understand the importance of the Annual Fund and participate to the best of their ability. Every gift counts.

Why is participation important?

Participation is just as important as the gift amount. It is our hope that every family will give to the Annual Fund to the best of their capability. By giving in conjunction with fellow parents and guardians, your gift combines to have a tremendous impact on the LWGMS experience. Furthermore, by making a gift you are encouraging others to give. Your donation to the Annual Fund is a critical way you can express your support for LWGMS. A high percentage of participation provides the foundation for fund raising at LWGMS and will allow us to approach the greater Seattle community and foundations for their support. Last year we reached 92% current family support. This year we can reach 100%!

How is LWGMS funded as an independent school?

Tuition provides the largest portion of the operating budget of the school. Other support is derived from tax-deductible contributions, such as gifts to the Annual Fund and special fundraising events, such as the annual Auction.

Doesn't tuition cover costs at LWGMS?

Not quite. Tuition covers most operating costs but the Annual Fund closes the gap between tuition and expenses. In order to provide the breadth of the full academic program for our students and faculty, parents, past-parents, alumnae, grandparents, friends, corporations, and foundations all support the school with their contributions to the Annual Fund.

What am I expected to contribute?

We ask every LWGMS family to contribute at a level that fits their budget. Gifts range anywhere from $10 to $10,000.

When LWGMS seeks funding from other sources such as foundations and corporations, it is important to be able to illustrate the support of its parents and guardians and others by the percentage of individuals who contribute to LWGMS. Consequently we stress the importance of 100% parent participation. Most of LWGMS parents and guardians appreciate the school’s efforts to provide a solid educational program for its students and participate in the Annual Fund. All contributions are recognized each year in the LWGMS Annual Report, which is printed in the fall.

How can we make a gift to the Annual Fund?

It's very simple:

  1. The best way is to write a check to "LWGMS Annual Fund" and send it to Lake Washington Girls Middle School, 810 18th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
  2. You can also make a gift online (totally secure!)
  3. Or make a Gift of Stock (Download Information and Transfer Form here)

Does LWGMS accept matching gifts from companies?

Yes! The company you work for may match your gift to a nonprofit organization like LWGMS. It is like free money. And you get credit for it. But they won't tell you. You must ask your employer for the form. LWGMS's EIN is 91-1835055. (To see if your employer matches charitable gifts, please click here.)

May I make a gift of appreciated stock?

Yes, stock gifts can be of great benefit to both the donor and the institution receiving the gift. You may be able to avoid capital gains tax by making a gift of appreciated stock. The best way to give a gift of stock to LWGMS is by electronic transfer. Find more information here.