LWGMS's annual luncheon!

Please join us for our second annual luncheon:


Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 11:30

School tours offered at 1:15

Please RSVP by February 1.

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Last year's event was so wonderful! 

Advice for your 13-year-old-self:

“Do not be afraid. Try it even if it seems frightening or potentially embarrassing.”

“When you encounter a hard problem, recognize that it would be hard for anyone—not a shortcoming of yours.”

“If you think you are not interested in something, dig deeper—you will find a connection between your story, values and vision and everything if you look closely, past the surface.”

“… ask questions, speak your mind and thoughts with kindness, strength of character, and the best of your heart and intelligence. You choose to the be the kind of person, friend, daughter, aunt, mother, partner, boss, doctor, writer, teacher… girl you want to be and would admire. Design yourself!”

“…stop trying to grow up so fast.”

“Collaborate and share your perspective—it’s important.”

“There are no final answers in the world, only the journey. Embrace it."

Advice for schools to prepare girls for the modern world:

“Role models in STEM.”

“Maintain their love and confidence with math and science.”

“Find a mentor. Find someone you admire. Meet them. Let them inspire you."

“Ensure girls maintain and grow their VOICE.”

“Provide ways for all voices, but especially those of young women, to understand, math, science, and technology - the world of software needs them.”

Check out all of the photos from the event here.