LWGMS Summer Programs are open to all L-Dub students (and in some cases alumnae and incoming students), and each program has a maximum number of students it can safely accommodate. Our sign up system is designed to be smooth, to increase communication with families, and to maximize trip participation. 

Program sign ups have two steps. You are not signed up for an outing until both steps are complete. 

Step 1: Sign Up Online

It is our preference that programs are paid for in full. 

DEPOSIT: To secure your spot, please make a deposit of 50% with the code “1819OUTDOORS” (for Outdoor Programs) or “1819CAMP” for Summer Camps.

Current Families: To pay the remaining due, you must log in to FACTS to make a second payment before due April 1st. If you are registering after April 1st,  you must pay in full.

Friends of LWGMS: We will contact you with payment plan options once we receive your registration.

Financial Aid for Current Families: If your family qualifies for financial aid for the 1819 school year, please use your financial aid code when applying for this experience. You must pay in full at this time.

Financial Aid for Friends of LWGMS: Please contact our Business Office to inquire about financial assistance.

Waitlist: If the program/s you are interested in are “sold out,” please email Ms. Christine to get on a waitlist.

Step 2: Turn In Permission Form

Parents/guardians will receive email confirmation of program registration that will included a permission form. This form must be turned in in order to secure a student’s placement in programs. One form per student.

Turning in a permission form signifies that students and families have checked their calendars and have confirmed that the student can indeed participate in the program. It also signifies that all parties understand that a trip cancellation fee will be applied to the family if the student cancels after May 1.

Additional Information


Please contact Christine Primomo with questions at or 206.709.3800.


Trips are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Important Note: You can continue to sign up for programs with space up to two weeks before its start date.


Students are at times selected from a waitlist. If you are interested in a program that is “sold out,” please contact Ms. Christine. 


The LWGMS Outdoor Program maintains a collection of clean and quality gear available to students to borrow through the gear check out system. Please do not let not owning gear keep you from going on an outing. Talk to Ms. Christine about they gear you need and we will try to supply you with the necessary equipment. Borrowed gear should be returned promptly. Students may be charged for lost, broken, or non returned gear.


Use of smart phones and other electronics is not permitted during LWGMS Summer Programs without permission from the program leaders. As a standing rule, students may not text, make or receive calls during any programs. If communication with home or elsewhere is necessary, check with your program leader first. 


  • I understand that when we are while participating in LWGMS Outdoor Programs/Summer Camp, whether at the school or away from school on a field trip, I serve as a representative of the school. I should behave in a way that reflects well on me and LWGMS.

  • I understand that LWGMS Outdoor Programs/Summer Camp and any associated field trip is for an educational purpose and that will be the focus of my attention.

  • I understand that the school is legally responsible for me and my safety. I am not to jeopardize my safety or that of anyone else in any way.

  • I understand that specific rules, meeting places and times are in place to ensure a safe and smooth experience. I will abide by these. I will always tell a chaperone where I am going and with whom I am going when I am allowed to leave the group.  

  • I will always treat chaperones and docents or guides with respect.

  • I will engage only in appropriate and respectful conversation with people associated with LWGMS Outdoor Programs/Summer Camp and any associated field trips and with others who are attending.

  • I will treat the venue of LWGMS Outdoor Programs/Summer Camp and any associated field trips with respect; I will not litter, deface, or otherwise harm the property.
    While being transported to a field trip, I will keep my seatbelt on in a car or remain seated on a bus. I will be respectful to the driver and listen to her/his instructions.

  • If I violate any of these rules, I will face the following consequences:
    My parent/guardian will be contacted and I may not be allowed to attend future field trips. This will be determined by the teachers and my parent or guardian. This will depend on the severity of the infraction.

  • I understand that these rules are not designed to inhibit the enjoyment or academic value of the field trip. They are intended to keep me safe, make the field trip run smoothly, and enhance to enjoyment and academic value for everyone.