The LWGMS curriculum is designed to cultivate intellectual curiosity and a drive to social action in each LWGMS student. In a safe and supportive environment that challenges each student to reach their potential, experienced teachers guide our students to develop the creative confidence to meet the many social, emotional, physical, and academic changes of early adolescence. The program is designed to be hands-on and experiential, with collaborative learning, projects, oral presentations, and class discussions used to ensure that every student strengthens their voice as they learn. At the heart of the curriculum is a commitment to social justice. 

21st century schools must prepare students to think on their feet, collaborate, and communicate ideas clearly. Lake Washington Girls Middle School offers robust public speaking, performance, and presentation strands throughout our curriculum, translating into seamless teaching of the 6C’s of 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, confidence, and compassion.

The curriculum at LWGMS is interdisciplinary where appropriate, and it concentrates on each subject individually by employing teachers who are experts in their subject areas. The core academic curriculum includes humanities, math, science, Spanish, and STEAM. The fine arts are considered a valuable essential; every LWGMS student takes at least 60 minutes of visual art per week as well as a full year STEAM course, which integrates the arts with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and introduces the process of Design Thinking. To cultivate confidence, collaboration, and strong voices, every LWGMS student performs in at least one full-scale drama production every year. Additionally, students can choose from enrichment classes that offer a breadth of experiences. Classes include Entrepreneurship, Guitar Making, Ukulele and Voice, Coding, Poetry as Performance, The Elle-Dub Blog, and stage crew.

Beginning in sixth grade, students develop skills to identify and interpret information, organize data, produce research projects, and evaluate their own final product. Using a wide variety of print and electronic sources, students conduct research in all disciplines. Computers become tools that all students know how to use with ease and confidence. Students reinforce basic computer skills as they apply them to authentic core curriculum activities. Skills reinforced include keyboarding and word processing; creating spreadsheets, charts, and graphic organizers; using the Internet effectively; creating digital media such as animation and film; graphic design, and working with robotics platforms.

Students at LWGMS engage in an academically challenging and engaging curriculum, including extensive research and writing, regular debates and oral presentations, individualized and collaborative math instruction, and real-world, experiential science. With our unique, creative curriculum that is integrated across disciplines, LWGMS prepares students to critically assess environments and events, to excel academically, and to exercise their voices. Our students graduate as confident, socially responsible, creative young people, who are well prepared for high school and beyond.

In all classes, LWGMS Students...

  • Use technology
  • Incorporate visual and dramatic arts
  • Conduct and synthesize research
  • Write for a variety of audiences in a variety of styles
  • Read and analyze integrated literature
  • Have the opportunity to explore their interests
  • Benefit from individualized instruction with high expectations
  • Use problem solving, critical thinking, and design thinking skills
  • Incorporate the Spanish language
  • Synthesize their learning into an oral, visual, and written presentation
  • Have a voice in the curriculum
  • Have fun as part of their learning

By the end of middle school, an LWGMS graduate will be able to...

  • View the world through multiple perspectives
  • Recognize instances of social injustice
  • Act as a responsible citizen who serves her community
  • Speak and debate effectively
  • Perform on stage in front of hundreds
  • Converse and write in Spanish
  • Apply the scientific process
  • Solve complicated problems
  • Write an MLA-style documented research paper
  • Write plays, narratives, and poetry
  • Express herself through visual arts
  • Express her opinions with confidence
  • Know her own learning style
  • Act as a mediator and work through conflict
  • Embrace individuality and learn from differences
  • Collaborate well with peers and adults
  • Enter high school prepared for honors and AP classes