10-Line Poem That Is Entirely Untrue

You can eat with your armpit

and sometimes I want to bite ice cream.

It wouldn’t hurt at all.

Because I can’t feel pain.

And I hate my eyebrows

and love ballet.

I am 1,000 years old

but I can’t see or talk.

I know I am blonde

And I wear shoes on my hands.

This poem is just 10 lines of lies. Try making one and leave it in the comments! They're easy, and the Elle-Dub blog crew would be delighted to read YOURS!


Lucia '17

Farewell, Sir Terry Pratchett, 1948-2015

The blog class was sad to learn that Sir Terry Pratchett has died on last Thursday,  March 12, 2015.  

For those who don’t know, Terry Pratchett was an wonderful fantasy author. He wrote over 70 great novels, including the widely acclaimed series, The Discworld books. Terry’s career spanned over 40 years. At the turn of the century, Terry was the second most read author in the world, behind J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.

Pratchett’s first novel, The Hades Business, was published when he was 15 or 16. He first wrote it when he was 13.

Pratchett was best known for The Discworld books. They started in 1983 and are about a flat world perched on the backs of four elephants that stand on the back of a giant turtle. Interesting, huh? :)

The tweets posted by his representatives following his death were references and tributes to Pratchett’s novels like “AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER,” , “Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night,” and “The end.” These posts explained that he was dead, but were written in a way that Sir Terry would have liked.

Terry Pratchett had Alzheimer's disease since 2007 and had recently mentioned that he wouldn’t be writing anymore novels, but readers did not expect him to die so soon.  

Pratchett left behind words to his fans and followers. Pratchett advised that writing is a hard field to be in, and that writers must "make grammar, punctuation and spelling a part of your life.” He once said that his fans are “everything to him” and he loved knowing that his books meant something to other people. His fans are not restricted by gender or age, and he has a very large fan-base.

Despite all sadness surrounding his death, we can and should honor his memory and legacy by reading his novels and series. (You can also recognize him by keeping an eye out for his new book, which he wrote before his death but is unpublished, The Shepherd's Crown! That will be the last book EVER written by him.) I know that I certainly will!

-Mara ‘16

Can You Guess Which Eyes Belong to Which Celebrity?

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Small Steps Book Review

If you like to read dramatic non-fiction, Small Steps by Peg Kehret might be right for you.

Plot summary: Peg never expected the worst, but then again, who does? Peg Kehret lived a relatively normal life. She hung out with her school friends, had a dog, and curled up next to the radio every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to listen to Lone Ranger. But one day, things changed. Peg collapsed in the hallway at school. She could not hold a cup for fear of her shaking hands dropping it. Her temperature rose. She went to the hospital, and when she woke up, she was paralyzed from the neck down. She had polio. This breathtaking true story of a girl fighting for her life will leave you appreciating your health and recognising suffering throughout the world. Even with the sad plot, Small Steps is full of hope and joy. The book is guaranteed to leave you with a new perspective on family, friendship, and fear. So join Peg in the fight for life.

Reviews: Small Steps is a bittersweet book that is bound to bring tears to your eyes. The characters are lovable, and the story will glue you to your seat. Perfect for ages 10 to 15, but even older people can enjoy it. You will never forget the love, sadness, and compassion felt by both the characters and the reader.

Rating: ★★★★★


'In The Kitchen' Free writing Piece by Harriet

Hello! Using one of Senorita’s writing prompts, I wrote this piece of writing. The prompt was as follows:

Start your writing piece with the phrase, ‘In the kitchen’, and every time you get stuck on what to say next, repeat the phrase, ‘In the kitchen’.

This was a super fun piece to write and I suggest you even try writing it yourself. Have fun, and thanks for reading!


    In the kitchen I have magical adventures. I have all sorts of adventures. In the kitchen I have cooking adventures, mystery adventures, and fun adventures.

    In the kitchen I love cooking adventures. Cooking adventures are when I cook. The type of things I cook vary greatly. I tend to cook savory dishes, such as pasta and burgers. My family loves to decorate the table all pretty, so when I serve up the food, they make me feel super special.

    In the kitchen I love mystery adventures. Mystery adventures are when I lose something in the kitchen, like a spoon, or a tea towel. I lose things in the kitchen all the time. The other day whilst I was cooking lasagna the other day, I lost the dish I was going to cook it in. Turned out I had only placed it on a higher shelf where I could never have spotted it without my tall dad’s help.

    In the kitchen I love fun adventures. Fun adventures are my absolute favorite type of kitchen adventures. They can take you anywhere! One time, I travelled all the way to my friend’s house because of a fun kitchen adventure. The story goes as follows: One bright and sunny day, I was cooking a creamy clam soup that I found in a cooking book called In The Kitchen. The recipe called for some eccentric spice that I had never heard the name of or seen. My friend called to ask me about a question she had on the Spanish homework, and it turned out that she had the special spice that was a crucial ingredient in the recipe.

“I must come to your house immediately!” I screamed in the phone.

I grabbed my hat and shoes, and I sprinted over to her house. By the time I arrived, I was out of breath, sweaty, and hot.

My friend and her younger brother were playing in their sprinkler in their front yard. In the kitchen I have great eyesight, but outside my eyes dim and strangely don’t allow me to see so much. I ran straight through the cold water.

    What a fun mystery adventure! Eventually, I received the spice, all soaking and wet. It didn't matter though, I had so much fun getting the spice, I didn't care how wet and uncomfortable I was.

-Harriet '17

L-Dub Photography Contest!

The Elle-Dub Blog is hosting a photography contest, and we want YOU to submit! Play with your photography skills, get creative, share your art with the L-Dub community, and enter for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com! 

Here's how it works: read the prompt at the bottom of the post and take a picture that relates to that prompt. Your photos will be graded on a scale of 1-4 (4 being best, 1 being worst) on the following categories: photo quality, creativity, and relation to the story. See the rubric below for more details. The winner will be announced at Monday Morning Meeting on Monday, March 23!

Photography Prompt

I started to get nervous. What if it wasn’t what I was expecting? We finally started walking. We turned around the corner and there it was, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

 -Adapted from a GEM by an L-Dub student


Contest Rules

1. All photos must be original and use no filters or other editing. 

2. Faculty, staff, and families are allowed to participate but cannot win first place. 

3. All photos must be submitted by 2:15 pm on Tuesday, March 17. 


Scoring Rubric


Prize Details

We will excitedly recognize all of your work, post photos by top contenders on the blog, and award one (very lucky!) winner a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com, which you can spend as you wish! Love photography? Purchase a selfie stick! Can't stop reading? Here's a hint: purchase used books for screaming deals - while also being a friend to the environment! Gift cards do not expire. 

To submit, email your picture to elledub@lwgms.org with a subject line of YOUR NAME, Photography Contest Submission!

Thank you for participating!

Be on the lookout for our next post! 

- Lauren, Mara, Harriet, and Lucia  

Recommended Authors

Ally Condie


Ally Condie is the author of the Yearbook Trilogy, Freshman for President, Being Sixteen, Atlantia, and the Matched Trilogy. Ally Condie is most known for the Matched Trilogy, who's first book, Matched, is a New York Times Bestseller. Below is a interview with Ally Condie on the final book in the Matched Trilogy, Reached.

For more about Ally Condie, you can visit her website.


Colleen Houck 


Colleen Houck, the author of the  Tiger's Curse series lives in Salem, Oregon. Before becoming an author ever crossed her mind, she went to University of Arizona and went on to be a national certified American Sign Language interpreter for seventeen years. Below are the covers of her novels, along with an interview including a summary of her first novel in the Tiger's Curse series, an explanation how she found the inspiration to begin writing, and a description of Kelsey, the main character. 


-Rosie '15 and Eva '15

Matched: Book Review


Matched By Ally Condie


Plot summary: Cassia lives in a futuristic world, she has always trusted her society's choices. When her best friend ends up being her match, Cassia is certain that he is the one for her. But when she sees another face flash on her screen and then fade away, she does not know what to do. Cassia is now faced with an impossible choice: between Xander or Ky.

Review: Matched is a very exciting book. Every chapter you read leaves you with a cliff hanger, making you want to read more! The characters are exciting and realistic. Although there are some cheerless parts in Matched, most of it is joyous and enthusiastic! 

Books in the series: Matched is just the beginning! There two other very exciting books for you to read: Crossed and Reached!

– Kelsey'17 

A Greatly Embellished Masterpiece by Lauren



Doors are quite simple things. However, artsy, poetic, creative people could come up with a million metaphors for a door. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. Doors are not the passageway into the heart that lets love in. That would be the Superior Vena Cava, and it lets deoxygenated blood in. Doors are not the mechanism in which you “open up” to somebody or conversely shut them out emotionally. That could be a number of things. Shall we go with raging hormones today? Doors are not passage into the next phase of your life. Doors are not the thing that will someday change who you are as a person. Doors are not all that exciting. No, try as I might, I can’t come up with an artsy, creative metaphor for a door. But doors are not useless. In fact they have many fascinating uses that don’t need to be exaggerated with big words and exhaustingly poetic metaphors. 

Doors have many uses today and have much history to them, or dare I say hisDOORy. When the Egyptians first used doors, it was to keep the mummies, along with their not-so-pleasant decaying scent contained. Now, the doors still have similar uses except instead of containing a body, we keep heat inside of vehicles and buildings. They also open and close so we always have easy access into a building and don’t have to swing on a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus to get into a building. So let’s all try a little bit harder to respect our non-artsy, non-metaphorical, plain-old, typically rectangular doors because even though they’re not all that complex, they still have a beautiful, practical, simplicity. 

-Lauren, "Doors"


a Greatly Embellished Masterpiece by Tana

Hanging on the wall in my room in a dark, lacquered frame, is a picture of my parents and me walking down a street teeming with people. The top of my head just reached my mom and dad’s shoulders, and the three of us are holding hands, eight-year-old me in the middle. I remember that feeling of safety and comfort every time I reached for my parents’ hands.


I’ve always held my parents’ hands. When I was little, I would stretch my arm up as far as I could, and when I thought my fingertips would brush against the sky, they grasped my mom or dad’s warm hands. As I got older and taller, I didn’t need to reach as high anymore to find my parents’ reassuring hands.

My dad’s hands are calloused, uneven, and leathery. His hands are bigger than mine, and he can easily enclose my hands in his. My mom’s hands are veiny, soft, and mostly smooth with some creases. Her hands are a slightly bigger than mine and still comforting.  

Most people stop holding their parents’ hands when they grow up. I don’t think I’ll ever stop holding my parents’ hands, and if that means I’ll never grow up, that’s not so bad. 

I hold onto my parents’ hands because I’m holding onto my childhood. I’m holding onto the love and care my parents gave and give to me.

-Tana-Isabela "Holding On"

A Greatly Embellished Masterpiece by Jayla

When I was nine years old, I believed solely that doors were to let people in and let people out. That when my bald, grouchy grandpa and loud, energetic grandma burst  into my room, they had to go through the door- that let people in and let people out. I believed that doors did not have metaphorical meanings, but like everything else in this world,  it appears they do.  


There are doors everywhere in this world. I have just failed to notice them. I have failed to notice the doors I put up around my heart that my friends have to break down to get the real Jayla, or my room door I lock when I had a really bad day and I just want to watch sad movies and listen to sad music, or even the bathroom door my older sister shuts and doesn’t open it for another century. These doors all have meaning if you think deeply enough. 

My sister shuts her door in my face. She would literally shut the door in my face. Being the younger sibling, all I wanted was to be like her, so it hurt when she shut the door in my face because I didn’t feel accepted into her own little teenage world. But the days where my sister left the door creaked open (on accident) and I heard what song she was listening to, I instantly bought it on my iTunes, even if I didn’t like the roaring guitar in the background or the whole song in general–I learned to cope. I knew if Keyah liked it ,I would have to like it. The days my sister left her door creaked open, I felt like she really did love me, like she did enjoy being my sister. I felt accepted by my sister. But then she would notice her door wasn’t closed all the way and shut it in my face. 

Instead of doors just being in our world to let people in and to let people out, I’ve learned doors accept people into your life, even if the person is your annoying, not cool, unpopular little sister. Doors are important–metaphorically and literally.

-Jayla, “Doors”


Book Reviews: Fiction

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children


If you like fantasy fiction, you might like Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

Plot Summary: After witnessing a horrific family tragedy, Jacob is convinced alien-like creatures are involved. Sent to a counselor who claims to be able to cure his belief in these creature, Jacob reveals that he is not yet ready to believe that his grandfather is dead, and begins to snoop through his grandfather’s possessions, documents, and WWII files to discover his grandfather’s mysterious, seemingly non-existent past. Decoding an old letter leads him to a small Welsh island, a landmark in the past of his grandfather. Determined to find something, Jacob stumbles across an abandoned orphanage which suggests the existence of the supposedly make-believe creatures as well as the manipulation of time.

Books in the series: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Hollow City. 

Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, is full of mystery, magic, and adventure. The both loveable and despicable characters, twisted plot, and multiple, intertwining story lines are perfect for ages 11 to 15.

Rating: ★★★★★


Maximum Ride


If you like sci-fi adventure you might enjoy the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. 

Plot Summary: Maximum (Max), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel are far from "normal". They can fly. They lived in a lab for the first part of their lives and were injected with avian DNA, giving them wings. They soon escaped with the help of Jeb, the only father-like figure they've ever known, who has recently disappeared. With Jeb no longer there, Max, the female protagonist, took the role of the leader in the flock. All was going well with their lives until a pack of Erasers (half-man half-wolf hybrids) attacked their home. It's up to Max to lead her flock on the adventures ahead.

Books in the series: Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment, Schools Out Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, Max, Fang, Angel, Nevermore.

Review: The Maximum Ride series is a spectacular series, especially for those of you who enjoy adventure and sci-fi. With the suspenseful, exciting journeys and humorous, loveable characters, this series is great for ages 11 to 17.

Rating: ★★★★★



The Name of This Book is Secret


If you like mysteries you might enjoy The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch. 

Plot Summary: 11-year-old Cass is obsessed with being prepared for disaster. When a mysterious box named “The Symphony of Smells” is given to her (found in the house of a deceased magician), she sets out on an adventure with her new friend Max-Ernest. Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L (the leaders of a group titled “The Midnight Sun”) kidnapped a classmate of theirs, it’s up to the two misfits of the grade to save him.

Books in the series: The Name of This Book Is Secret, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,This Book Is Not Good For You, This Isn’t What It Looks Like, You Have to Stop This

Review: Pseudonymous Bosch’s The Name of This Book is Secret is an excellent book for mystery and/or fantasy lovers. It’s a great book for ages 9 to 13, containing lots of good laughs. Bosch has done a great job incorporating character, intriguing voice and personalities into his writing.

Rating: ★★★★☆


-Eva '15, Rosie '15, Madison '17, Audrey '17



Green-ify Today!

We ALL know about global warming. We have heard speeches, seen plays, read articles. Most of us have had countless inspiring experiences that have to do with this, yet why have we seen so many natural extremes and disasters in the past few years? Is climate change and global warming related to this?


It scares me to see pictures of the seriously dire situations that Earth is experiencing. When you look up “global warming effects” on Google, there is a particular picture that appears which really frightens me. Even if it’s Photoshopped, which it might be, it spurs my thinking about what the world might come to. Will this become our reality?

If everyone was required to do at least one thing to help the world every day, then BAM! We would be on track to a much brighter future.

I’m guessing you’ve heard speeches or events that order us to save the world, to do our part,  to do it for the kids, (who are our future), and leave feeling rather moved, but not moved enough to try to change anything. I feel this often. Perhaps people believe one person can’t do much about it. There are 7 billion people on the planet, what’s one little 11-year-old in, I don’t know, Djibouti going to do? It’s not her fault the world’s falling apart. So why should she care? Well, she should. We all should. Guys, the earth is where we LIVE!

We water the flowers because you see them wilting. We have a snack when we are hungry. With these examples, there is a problem, fix it, and experience the change immediately. Sometimes there’s a cause you care for and want to support, and unfortunately the results don’t always appear before your very eyes. Changing the world is not easy, but sometimes the things that are most worth it aren’t as simple as we wish.

Even our smallest actions make a huge impact on the environment. Making some easy changes that we can commit to in our daily lives can be all the earth needs. A few simple things you can do to help are:

Empty the landfills! Not all your waste should go into the trash bin. Composting and recycling is on one of the most simple yet effective ways you can make a dent in global warming and climate change. Food scraps and yard waste are some things that would go in the compost. Empty metal cans and paper scraps are examples of recyclable items.       

Conserve energy! Energy is a very important resource, and trying not to use it up is a great help to the environment. Turn off things that use up energy when you aren’t using them, like lights and faucets.

Respect & preserve water! You might not be thinking this while taking a shower, but water is a majestic thing that deserves our respect. A way you can preserve it is by taking showers instead of baths. (Showers consume less water.) I’m guessing you already take showers, so since I assume you are familiar with the concept of them what you can do is take shorter ones. In general, just cutting back on and being aware of your water usage is an important and relatively effortless thing you can do for the conservation of our earth.

Spread the word! Raising awareness is probably THE easiest effort you can make towards helping the world. Thinking before you act is a good mantra in general, but especially when it comes to global warming. The earth is one hundred percent breathtaking, and I know for a fact that I want it to stay that way. I need it to stay that way.

                  –Lucia '17


Homelessness is a huge issue, and we really need to do something about it. During my seventh grade trip, I went to Hope Place where I helped the kids center, and it was difficult to see kids and women living in a homeless shelter. Even though they seemed happy, they were suffering. I wondered what must have happened that got these women and children into a homelessness shelter. I wondered if the kids knew they were homeless. Did they think they were going to stay there whole lives? Seeing a pregnant woman with her three kids waiting in line for unhealthy food affected me because it was like the kids never had a meal before.

Although not everyone ignores the homeless, many make them feel invisible. People think that people who live on the streets have ended up in that position because they did not want to work. That is not true; the program coordinator she shared with me, that a lot of the homeless people she worked with had  graduated from college, or even had a masters degree. So, we should treat homeless people the same way you want to be treated. Homelessness is a serious issue in our communities, and as individuals, we need to do more to support our community and community members. By creating more space for shelter, providing food and meals, or acknowledging those we pass by on a daily basis, we can combat not only homelessness but the harsh and isolating stereotypes that surround it as well.


-Evy '16


They Love You, So Love Them Back!

I have a dream that one day we will treat animals the way we treat humans. That animals will not have to suffer the cruelty they have been facing for ages. I have a dream. I have a dream that the owners who abuse their animals will understand that dogs, cats, gerbils, and hamsters have feelings too, and sadly, experience pain too, because of you. I have a dream.

We should act as the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) program does, and save animals in miserable situations. One day it should not cost too much money just to save a poor little animal who has suffered through animal abuse, we should help animals out of love and not just because you’re getting paid. Today there should be a national reporting system for animal abuse, and soon enough animal abuse will not go unrecognized or unabated.

-Kelsey '17

I Dream of Dreams

I have a dream, but so do you. The girl next door, the boy that disappeared, the man who bought the house in your neighborhood, everyone, we all have dreams. It’s what makes us human. We dream of places we want to go, people we long to see, and things we wish to do, but what must we do to achieve these dreams? What do you think? What does it take?

This image is a play on popular quotes and seems far too real. 

This image is a play on popular quotes and seems far too real. 

If you said hard work you’re only half right. Working hard is important but is it essential to achieving your dream? In my mere fourteen years I have seen people that do what they love their entire life and end up out of a job and broke. All they did was do all they could, but it isn't enough anymore. It isn’t enough to work yourself to death. You need something more to achieve what you dream. There seems to be something above hard work. It stands proudly at the top of the must have list for success and, well… everything else. Something that makes the world go round. I’ll give you a hint its not gravity. Sorry, better luck next time. 

I am talking about money. Money can start wars, kill presidents, send people through college, and clothe a child. It is a gift and a curse. Those with it can do almost anything. They can obtain most goals with relative ease. Because haven’t they earned it? What about the mother that stays up all night studying for her college finals. Hasn’t she earned something too? Well I know that girl and all life gives her is scrapes and bruises. Money doesn’t solve anything, but it sure makes it easier. Those without struggle to survive - their dreams and goals lost in a pile of bills and discarded ideas. Lost but never quite forgotten, always at the edge of their mind. Nothing more than a tidbit of nostalgia to look back upon and score for pure foolishness of the very notion. The very Idea that they deserve something like hope seems childish. But how can dreamin be foolish or childish. What happened to America: The Land of Dreams.  I have seen dreams crushed under the toes of wealth. I have picked up the shattered bones and duct-taped them back together. Crooked? Yes, but functional enough to help them keep aiming high because everyone needs dreams. Everyone deserves to have a dream.  But let’s rewind to the beginning, seems like forever ago don’t it. I never got to tell you my dream. I have a dream that one day every one could have theirs. So... what’s your dream?

-Adeline  '15