Every Year Gets Warmer

Arctic animals without homes. Flames bursting from a building. No rain all summer long. What is this?

It’s global warming. What is global warming? Well, it’s basically here because there’s not so much pollution that keeps the sun’s rays from reaching Earth, but enough so that the heat can’t reflect back into space. The result of this is heat being trapped on our planet.

Have you ever noticed that every year, the media says that “this has been the hottest year ever”? They’re right. Have you noticed how there was a drought in California last summer? That’s a result of global warming. This being such a warm January is because of global warming too.

But there are ways you can help. Instead of driving only two blocks because you’re too lazy, walk instead. You can plant trees. All these ways and more can make a difference.

This could be the Earth years from now...

-Audrey '17