I Dream of Dreams

I have a dream, but so do you. The girl next door, the boy that disappeared, the man who bought the house in your neighborhood, everyone, we all have dreams. It’s what makes us human. We dream of places we want to go, people we long to see, and things we wish to do, but what must we do to achieve these dreams? What do you think? What does it take?

This image is a play on popular quotes and seems far too real. 

This image is a play on popular quotes and seems far too real. 

If you said hard work you’re only half right. Working hard is important but is it essential to achieving your dream? In my mere fourteen years I have seen people that do what they love their entire life and end up out of a job and broke. All they did was do all they could, but it isn't enough anymore. It isn’t enough to work yourself to death. You need something more to achieve what you dream. There seems to be something above hard work. It stands proudly at the top of the must have list for success and, well… everything else. Something that makes the world go round. I’ll give you a hint its not gravity. Sorry, better luck next time. 

I am talking about money. Money can start wars, kill presidents, send people through college, and clothe a child. It is a gift and a curse. Those with it can do almost anything. They can obtain most goals with relative ease. Because haven’t they earned it? What about the mother that stays up all night studying for her college finals. Hasn’t she earned something too? Well I know that girl and all life gives her is scrapes and bruises. Money doesn’t solve anything, but it sure makes it easier. Those without struggle to survive - their dreams and goals lost in a pile of bills and discarded ideas. Lost but never quite forgotten, always at the edge of their mind. Nothing more than a tidbit of nostalgia to look back upon and score for pure foolishness of the very notion. The very Idea that they deserve something like hope seems childish. But how can dreamin be foolish or childish. What happened to America: The Land of Dreams.  I have seen dreams crushed under the toes of wealth. I have picked up the shattered bones and duct-taped them back together. Crooked? Yes, but functional enough to help them keep aiming high because everyone needs dreams. Everyone deserves to have a dream.  But let’s rewind to the beginning, seems like forever ago don’t it. I never got to tell you my dream. I have a dream that one day every one could have theirs. So... what’s your dream?

-Adeline  '15