Everyone Deserves a Home

I  hope that someday no one will have to live on the streets and everyone will have a home, that people will care about others. I hope that someday people will care more about having a healthy life, a family, and a house then other things that could cause their body harm, for example: drugs, alcohol, or smoking. I hope, that someday all people will not only try but succeed in making a change.

I hope that someday when anyone walks down the street they will donate food, money, or belongings they can no longer find use for anymore but others might. I hope they will donate these things to a homeless shelter or the actual people living on the streets. But kids my age, younger and older don’t usually have the money to donate, they can always donate a canned good to any homeless shelter.

I hope that someday everyone in our community can feel safe and accepted, and not discriminated against. Just because they don’t live in a house doesn’t make them dirty, or mean, they are human beings. Not living in a house doesn’t make them any different, even if they can’t afford every new gadget that comes out, or they don’t always have expensive designer clothing doesn’t make them any less than you!

I hope that someday no matter where you live the street, an apartment, a house, or a mansion, we will all be treated fairly and no one will be thought of as less, that someday we will be here to help each other.

-Ella '17