The Earth Only Has One Life

I hope that one day pollution will not be a problem and Seattle will be a garbage-free place. Humans and other animals have been on this earth for millions of years. Many of us are lucky to have the privilege of accessing all of our necessities which are food, water, and a safe place to live. Much of our population can get access to those needs, but many cannot. Even though we live in a privileged society, many people still pollute the area that we live in.

Trash can be seen nearly everywhere you look around on the streets. People are careless enough to not respect their environment and therefore carelessly throw things onto the streets.

A massive number of citizens in the U.S. choose to drive a car instead of walking or biking, which uses gasoline and pollutes the air. Big factories manufacture unnecessary items that we don’t really need in our everyday lives. As yummy and delicious food may be, there is only a small selection of it that we absolutely need in life. All these gigantic factories pollute the air with smoke and are not good for our environment at all. Little things like throwing a cigarette on the ground or carelessly leaving a piece of trash somewhere can increase pollution in the Seattle area.

Seattle has a lot of garbage to be found around the city. Please help stop all of this pollution and waste by throwing things away, trying to avoid using a car (there are many alternative ways to get somewhere, like riding a bike or walking), and also try to clean up after others who have not heard this message, and tell them about it. Thank you for reading my dream speech. I appreciate it a lot.

Don't let this happen to the earth!

-Harriet '17