Greed. You know what it is, even if you do not always recognize it. Here is an example. Everyday in Seattle people drive, walk, and ride their bikes. And every day those people pass other people, homeless people. People who don’t get the same opportunities. Many of those people make signs. Those signs ask for food, help, money, a job. Most of the people who pass, whether by car, foot, bicycle, or anything else, ignore the people, ignore the signs. You could do so much if you just gave some change.

A homeless person is the main character of their life, just like you are the main character of yours. All your life you have choices about who you want to talk to, and where you want to go. But no matter what, you are always stuck with yourself. They are always stuck with themselves too. You are not the only main character in the world.

They aren’t just a homeless person, they are a little boy who grew up with the same books you did. A girl who went to school with your mother. A teenager whose parents fought too much.

They only have one chance to be who they are, and if everyone that came by gave just a little bit of help, that person’s life could be changed, turned around. You might see them in the news one day, smiling down from a podium at thousands of people. Then you could think to yourself, “I did it. I gave them hope, when there was none in their lives.” And then you could do it again, and again, and again.

You think you really need that caramel frappuccino, just imagine how someone who has not eaten in three days would use that money. You could make yourself a better person while saving someone else.

So remember, life is about more than your main character. It is about everyone else’s too.

-Maddie '16