Green-ify Today!

We ALL know about global warming. We have heard speeches, seen plays, read articles. Most of us have had countless inspiring experiences that have to do with this, yet why have we seen so many natural extremes and disasters in the past few years? Is climate change and global warming related to this?


It scares me to see pictures of the seriously dire situations that Earth is experiencing. When you look up “global warming effects” on Google, there is a particular picture that appears which really frightens me. Even if it’s Photoshopped, which it might be, it spurs my thinking about what the world might come to. Will this become our reality?

If everyone was required to do at least one thing to help the world every day, then BAM! We would be on track to a much brighter future.

I’m guessing you’ve heard speeches or events that order us to save the world, to do our part,  to do it for the kids, (who are our future), and leave feeling rather moved, but not moved enough to try to change anything. I feel this often. Perhaps people believe one person can’t do much about it. There are 7 billion people on the planet, what’s one little 11-year-old in, I don’t know, Djibouti going to do? It’s not her fault the world’s falling apart. So why should she care? Well, she should. We all should. Guys, the earth is where we LIVE!

We water the flowers because you see them wilting. We have a snack when we are hungry. With these examples, there is a problem, fix it, and experience the change immediately. Sometimes there’s a cause you care for and want to support, and unfortunately the results don’t always appear before your very eyes. Changing the world is not easy, but sometimes the things that are most worth it aren’t as simple as we wish.

Even our smallest actions make a huge impact on the environment. Making some easy changes that we can commit to in our daily lives can be all the earth needs. A few simple things you can do to help are:

Empty the landfills! Not all your waste should go into the trash bin. Composting and recycling is on one of the most simple yet effective ways you can make a dent in global warming and climate change. Food scraps and yard waste are some things that would go in the compost. Empty metal cans and paper scraps are examples of recyclable items.       

Conserve energy! Energy is a very important resource, and trying not to use it up is a great help to the environment. Turn off things that use up energy when you aren’t using them, like lights and faucets.

Respect & preserve water! You might not be thinking this while taking a shower, but water is a majestic thing that deserves our respect. A way you can preserve it is by taking showers instead of baths. (Showers consume less water.) I’m guessing you already take showers, so since I assume you are familiar with the concept of them what you can do is take shorter ones. In general, just cutting back on and being aware of your water usage is an important and relatively effortless thing you can do for the conservation of our earth.

Spread the word! Raising awareness is probably THE easiest effort you can make towards helping the world. Thinking before you act is a good mantra in general, but especially when it comes to global warming. The earth is one hundred percent breathtaking, and I know for a fact that I want it to stay that way. I need it to stay that way.

                  –Lucia '17