The Perfection Problem

Society has this image of perfection. It has this image of how people should look and act. We as people know we can’t reach it, yet we keep on trying. 

Girls are supposed to have perfect skin and hair, and have to be skinny. Boys are have to be fit, look good, and, like girls, have perfect skin and hair. In reality, that’s not how we are.Now, not all people are self conscious. And of the ones that are, some are more self conscious than others. Some get bullied for the way they look and simply what they love. Those people beat themselves up because they will never be something that they can’t reach: perfect. We cry and sometimes hurt ourselves, all because others make us feel unneeded or not beautiful. And those that hurt, well, they aren’t perfect either. We are all no more perfect or imperfect than another. 

If only we could realize that and be able to accept it. We are not perfect. Perfect does not exist. There are people out there that want to escape and hurt themselves, that sit in their rooms with tears streaming down their faces for hours, because they can’t reach society’s standards. The false image of perfection has ruined us and we need to solve this. Tell people they are beautiful. Tell people they are worth it. Tell them they’re the best they can be. 

-Rosie '15