We Should Give and Others Should Get

Imagine your life. I bet you can all say you’ve really wanted something in your life and gotten it. Do you need any of that stuff to live? Just imagine the people that live in tiny huts with not a lot of food to eat, and a sheet to sleep on, and a well to pump their own water. Do you notice a difference between your personal life and someone else's ? What if we could help those people by giving and sharing our food and possessions. That would make their day a whole lot better and brighter.

When I was younger, around the age of 3 or 4, I always thought how unlucky I was to not have a pink fluffy unicorn stuffy or a doll. But now, I see how LUCKY I am to have a comfortable bed and different food to eat each meal. It is hard to imagine some peoples lives, where they  have to walk miles to go to work or school. I think about, what if I were in that situation? What if you had to walk a long way to get to school or work? How would that make you feel?

I have a dream the wealthy would give to the pour. That everyone had a well deserved life and food and a bed to sleep in at night. They deserve more than what they have because they work harder, but get less. We sit around and play with our money and don’t put it to a good use. We should give and others should get.

-Madison '17