Homelessness is a huge issue, and we really need to do something about it. During my seventh grade trip, I went to Hope Place where I helped the kids center, and it was difficult to see kids and women living in a homeless shelter. Even though they seemed happy, they were suffering. I wondered what must have happened that got these women and children into a homelessness shelter. I wondered if the kids knew they were homeless. Did they think they were going to stay there whole lives? Seeing a pregnant woman with her three kids waiting in line for unhealthy food affected me because it was like the kids never had a meal before.

Although not everyone ignores the homeless, many make them feel invisible. People think that people who live on the streets have ended up in that position because they did not want to work. That is not true; the program coordinator she shared with me, that a lot of the homeless people she worked with had  graduated from college, or even had a masters degree. So, we should treat homeless people the same way you want to be treated. Homelessness is a serious issue in our communities, and as individuals, we need to do more to support our community and community members. By creating more space for shelter, providing food and meals, or acknowledging those we pass by on a daily basis, we can combat not only homelessness but the harsh and isolating stereotypes that surround it as well.


-Evy '16