A Greatly Embellished Masterpiece by Lauren



Doors are quite simple things. However, artsy, poetic, creative people could come up with a million metaphors for a door. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. Doors are not the passageway into the heart that lets love in. That would be the Superior Vena Cava, and it lets deoxygenated blood in. Doors are not the mechanism in which you “open up” to somebody or conversely shut them out emotionally. That could be a number of things. Shall we go with raging hormones today? Doors are not passage into the next phase of your life. Doors are not the thing that will someday change who you are as a person. Doors are not all that exciting. No, try as I might, I can’t come up with an artsy, creative metaphor for a door. But doors are not useless. In fact they have many fascinating uses that don’t need to be exaggerated with big words and exhaustingly poetic metaphors. 

Doors have many uses today and have much history to them, or dare I say hisDOORy. When the Egyptians first used doors, it was to keep the mummies, along with their not-so-pleasant decaying scent contained. Now, the doors still have similar uses except instead of containing a body, we keep heat inside of vehicles and buildings. They also open and close so we always have easy access into a building and don’t have to swing on a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus to get into a building. So let’s all try a little bit harder to respect our non-artsy, non-metaphorical, plain-old, typically rectangular doors because even though they’re not all that complex, they still have a beautiful, practical, simplicity. 

-Lauren, "Doors"