'In The Kitchen' Free writing Piece by Harriet

Hello! Using one of Senorita’s writing prompts, I wrote this piece of writing. The prompt was as follows:

Start your writing piece with the phrase, ‘In the kitchen’, and every time you get stuck on what to say next, repeat the phrase, ‘In the kitchen’.

This was a super fun piece to write and I suggest you even try writing it yourself. Have fun, and thanks for reading!


    In the kitchen I have magical adventures. I have all sorts of adventures. In the kitchen I have cooking adventures, mystery adventures, and fun adventures.

    In the kitchen I love cooking adventures. Cooking adventures are when I cook. The type of things I cook vary greatly. I tend to cook savory dishes, such as pasta and burgers. My family loves to decorate the table all pretty, so when I serve up the food, they make me feel super special.

    In the kitchen I love mystery adventures. Mystery adventures are when I lose something in the kitchen, like a spoon, or a tea towel. I lose things in the kitchen all the time. The other day whilst I was cooking lasagna the other day, I lost the dish I was going to cook it in. Turned out I had only placed it on a higher shelf where I could never have spotted it without my tall dad’s help.

    In the kitchen I love fun adventures. Fun adventures are my absolute favorite type of kitchen adventures. They can take you anywhere! One time, I travelled all the way to my friend’s house because of a fun kitchen adventure. The story goes as follows: One bright and sunny day, I was cooking a creamy clam soup that I found in a cooking book called In The Kitchen. The recipe called for some eccentric spice that I had never heard the name of or seen. My friend called to ask me about a question she had on the Spanish homework, and it turned out that she had the special spice that was a crucial ingredient in the recipe.

“I must come to your house immediately!” I screamed in the phone.

I grabbed my hat and shoes, and I sprinted over to her house. By the time I arrived, I was out of breath, sweaty, and hot.

My friend and her younger brother were playing in their sprinkler in their front yard. In the kitchen I have great eyesight, but outside my eyes dim and strangely don’t allow me to see so much. I ran straight through the cold water.

    What a fun mystery adventure! Eventually, I received the spice, all soaking and wet. It didn't matter though, I had so much fun getting the spice, I didn't care how wet and uncomfortable I was.

-Harriet '17