The Fuerza Family Association (FFA)... essential to the life of the school; they coordinate a variety of community activities, parent education nights, teacher appreciation events, and volunteer their energy, time, and talents, helping to make LWGMS a wonderful place to be.

The mission of the Fuerza Family Association is to encourage family support and participation in the life of the school, to encourage a united, supportive parent and guardian community, to promote and maintain constructive communication both between school and families and among parents, to support school fundraisers and events, and to provide parent education opportunities. Together, we are committed to supporting Lake Washington Girls Middle School’s philosophy of respect and responsibility.


Upcoming Events


New Family Welcome/Social

Wed, May 17 at 6:15p
We are looking forward to introducing our L-Dub girls to their incoming sisters! Please mark your calendars and join us for the 2017 New Family Social!

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 17, 6:15p (guests will arrive at 6:30p)
Location: LWGMS to start, then move over to Church Hall

☛  What to bring: L-Dub will provide a light meal for all— woohoo! However, we do ask that L-Dub families bring cookies, bars, or fruit for a dessert item (these items in particular, to minimize utensils and mess). Thank you!
☛  Please let Ms. Klema know if your family is unable to make it – we'll want to make sure that we get our new 6th grade girls hooked up with their L-Dub sisters at another event if they don't get to meet them at the Social.

PAST Events

FFA-Sponsored Parent Engagement Workshop: Reteaching Gender and Sexuality

Tuesday, February 7, 6:30–8:30p
(Social time at 6:30 - yay!)

Reteaching Gender and Sexuality: This 90-minute workshop will engage parents and families in a conversation about gender and sexuality diversity at Lake Washington Girls Middle School. Participants will learn more about youth gender and sexuality identity formation and have an opportunity to ask questions and get information in an open and welcoming space. All parents are encouraged to attend, as we strategize how the school community can ensure that all students and families are welcome and that LGBTQ youth getting the resources and support they need to thrive at LWGMS.
Training Goals:

  • Increase cultural literacy and knowledge about gender and sexuality and family diversity; 
  • Advance skills for parents to respond to questions and promote respect among students; 
  • Offer an opportunity for parents to discuss and practice skills in talking to youth about gender and sexuality, as well as diverse families;
  • Provide list of recommended readings, films, and media-segments and list of LGBTQ community resources/referrals.

Megan Kennedy (LMHC, MA) has provided consultation and training regarding gender and sexual diversity to government agencies, human service agencies, public and private schools, colleges and universities, faith-based institutions and community- settings across the United States and Canada. She is the co-producer and director of a 35-minute documentary film that addresses youth gender and sexual diversity called, “PUT THIS ON THE MAP” featuring 26 youth from Seattle’s Eastside suburbs. Kennedy currently works full time at the University of Washington in a role designed to lead a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention on campus.


Plays a lead role in:

  • Unit organization; help plan and set priorities
  • Meetings; effective and time sensitive
  • Inclusiveness; welcomes diverse and inclusive group of members/volunteers
  • Recruitment; manage, motivate and retain volunteers
  • Elections
  • Programs; support mission of school and advocate for families/students
  • Member training; including transitioning to new school year

Works with the President on all of the above

In addition to working with the President and Vice-President on all of the above, is responsible for documenting all meetings and decisions made therein.

Class Representatives
In addition to working with the President, Vice-President and Secretary on all of the above, is responsible for:

  • Class parent mixers - two/year
  • Class student mixers - three/year

Committee Chairs
Responsible for successful organization of the specific event. Detailed event descriptions to be created.

School Staff Representative
In addition to working with the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Class Representatives:

  • Ensures the mission and goals of the school are being supported
  • Ensures the committee chairs have the instructions and support necessary to successfully do the job

School Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Representative
Coordinates ESJ family information and events through the FFA


Volunteerism helps build a stronger program and a stronger community. Volunteers act as a huge resource and support base for the school community. Not only will the school gain from your involvement-you will, too. The interaction with teachers, faculty, administrators, staff, and other families will help you gain a better understanding of your students’ education at LWGMS and can help you build closer community ties.

Check out the calendar for some of our current volunteer needs. (Or go straight here to see them as a list.) Some opportunities are earmarked for alumnae, but many are open to parents/guardians, too. We could use your help! There are too many opportunities to post all of them here, so you may hear about other opportunities through email or the Fuerza Flash as well.