The Fuerza Family Association (FFA)... essential to the life of the school; they coordinate a variety of community activities, parent education nights, teacher appreciation events, and volunteer their energy, time, and talents, helping to make LWGMS a wonderful place to be.

The mission of the Fuerza Family Association is to encourage family support and participation in the life of the school, to encourage a united, supportive parent and guardian community, to promote and maintain constructive communication both between school and families and among parents, to support school fundraisers and events, and to provide parent education opportunities. Together, we are committed to supporting Lake Washington Girls Middle School’s philosophy of respect and responsibility.

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2018-19 Events

Student Learning Events are required for students to fulfill assignments associated with specific standards. We ask parents support their efforts.

Student Learning Events

  • Fall Field Trips (Sept)

  • Festival de Otoño (Oct)

  • Fall Open Houses (Nov)

  • All School Plays (Dec/March)

  • ThinkTank (Dec/March)

  • Festival of Lights/Poetry Night (Dec)

  • STEAM Fair (Mar)

  • Rites of Passage (April)

  • 8th Grade One Act Festival (May/Jun)

  • Graduation (June)

Parent Ed/Social Events

  • Curriculum Nights (Sept)

  • Fall Parent Ed Event (Oct)

  • Annual Fund Season Events (Fall)

  • Annual Gala (May)

  • Winter Parent Ed Event (Jan)

  • Spring Parent Ed Event (Feb)

  • 7th Grade Rites of Passage Dinner (April)

  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May)

  • Post Graduation Reception (June)

The 2018-19 FFA Board

8th Grade Reps: Trina Torgelson, Elizabeth Gay, Mary Anne Martin

7th Grade Reps: Laura Rattner, Suzanne Gillis, Amy Young

6th Grade Reps: Mary Lehto and TBD

FFA Committees

Parent Engagement: Soyeon Lippman P’19, Laura Rattner '20

Teacher Appreciation: Valerie Dillard P’17, ‘20, Katherine Ropp P'18,'21

Equity and Social Justice: Keiko Koizumi P'20, Suzanne Gillis P'20, Elizabeth Gay P'18,'21, Diane Stoebe P'20, Angela Russell P'20, Cara Vallier P'20


Volunteerism helps build a stronger program and a stronger community. Volunteers act as a huge resource and support base for the school community. Not only will the school gain from your involvement-you will, too. The interaction with teachers, faculty, administrators, staff, and other families will help you gain a better understanding of your students’ education at LWGMS and can help you build closer community ties.

Check out the calendar for some of our current volunteer needs. (Or go straight here to see them as a list.) Some opportunities are earmarked for alumnae, but many are open to parents/guardians, too. We could use your help! There are too many opportunities to post all of them here, so you may hear about other opportunities through email or the Fuerza Flash as well.