The LWGMS curriculum is designed to cultivate intellectual curiosity and a drive to social action in each LWGMS girl.
— Patti Hearn, Head of School
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Three years at LWGMS provide girls with tools and experiences they need to grow into confident, compassionate young women. At LWGMS, girls take on all leadership roles, explore non-traditional courses, and act as role models to their peers. Our girls get three years of the freedom to be themselves – while exploring who they are. Our graduates report high self-esteem, motivation, and academic success in high school and college.

Our outstanding faculty draws on best practices in girls education as they challenge girls to be independent, confident learners. From orientation to graduation, LWGMS students benefit from innovative teaching techniques and a program of study that is rigorous, relevant, and fun.

Throughout the curriculum, principles of STEAM education are infused; students practice presentation and public speaking skills, and our “6 C’s” are incorporated: creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, confidence, and compassion.

We know that learning how to communicate, critically analyze, problem-solve, collaborate, create, and innovate are life skills necessary for success in this century. By learning these skills in an environment that encourages positive risk-taking, our students become comfortable advocating for their ideas and for themselves. Our curriculum enables girls to solve problems, design solutions, create meaning, and prepare for a complex and challenging world.

LWGMS students have many opportunities for leadership, collaboration with peers, exploring their interests, providing service to their community, and being part of a team.

Every LWGMS student can expect to perform, present, debate, and speak in front of her classmates and larger public audiences every year. Every student participates and cheers on her classmates as they do the same. These experiences help our girls to become confident young women with strong voices.