At LWGMS Every Student Is a Leader

There are many opportunities for leadership at LWGMS. We believe there are varied styles of leadership and that any student can be a leader.  Students may take on traditional leadership roles in student government, but other opportunities to cultivate different kinds of leadership are also available. 

Every LWGMS student is expected to lead a group discussion, run their own student learning conference, and greet and tour guests at Open Houses. Every eighth grader is a leader in the school, and is responsible for planning R&R group activities, mentoring their younger “sisters,” and leading by example.

Leadership opportunities available to all students can be found in the following activities:

Student Government
Green Team
Yearbook staff
Theater: stage manager, assistant director, choreographer, music director
Open House tour guides
School representatives at off campus events
Sports team captains
Collaborative projects in all classes
R&R sister mentors
Leading class meetings
Outdoor program leadership
Cleaning crews

Student Government

The Student Government at LWGMS consists of three branches of government: a Student Council, a Community Board, and a Judicial Committee.

Student Council
The Student Council’s purpose is to address issues raised by students and class representatives. The Student Council President runs Monday Morning Meetings, talks at open houses and other events, meets with class representatives, and meets with Head of School about school-wide issues or any issues that have been brought to the student government's attention. Student Council Representatives communicate with their class at class meeting. Representatives talk about their meetings and take issues from class meetings. The representatives must take all issues to the council even if they do not agree with the issue.

Community Board
The Community Board’s purpose is to coordinate clubs, school events, and fundraisers. The Community President runs Monday Morning Meetings, talks with clubs, updates front hall board, and is in charge of the community representatives. Community Board Representatives are elected from each grade to communicate with club representatives and are also in charge of fundraisers, dances, and other events involving students.

Judicial Committee
The Judicial Committee’s purpose is to address issues raised by faculty and staff. The committee will discuss issues with Head of School and advise her on how to solve these problems. The mission of the Judicial Branch is to give student input to school administration on solving problems raised by teachers.