The science curriculum is intended to foster a sense of excitement and curiosity about the field of science and the ways in which it permeates every aspect of daily life. LWGMS students conduct experiments, explore connections between different scientific phenomena, carry out research, build models, and present their findings.

Science is integrated with other areas of study and highlighted as its own individual subject, so that students can both see the connections between science and the humanities and learn the processes and skills necessary for scientific experiential learning.  

The LWGMS science program incorporates Next Generation Science standards and Washington State standards into the curriculum. In sixth grade, the science curriculum targets our overall theme of “Parts of a Whole” by spending the majority of the year exploring Environmental Science units, which focus on classification, ecosystems, and animal behavior. In seventh grade, our theme of “Systems and Values” is targeted by learning about the human body and its systems. Students’ final year at LWGMS is centered on the theme of “Cause and Effect” emphasized in science by learning about forces and energy and by introducing eight graders to chemistry.