In each grade, L-Dub students take a year-long STEAM class that integrates the arts with science, technology, engineering, and math. The three year scope and sequence begins with shop safety and proper tool use. The sequence culminates in an individual project that demonstrates the ability to solve problems using STEAM skills.

The STEAM curriculum is designed to get our students excited about engineering, technology, science, and math while expanding their creative confidence. In STEAM, students regularly engage in problem-solving, risk-taking, and mistake-making which are necessary skills to practice, especially at the middle school level. Projects are regularly integrated with learning in other classes, so that the skills and knowledge are easily applicable and relevant across disciplines. 

While eighth graders study physics in Science, they create a wind-powered vehicle and a ping pong blaster using combustibles in STEAM. While seventh graders study the human body, they create a human body Rube Goldberg machine. When sixth graders study ecology and the environment, they use design thinking to create a “Pollution Solution.”

In all classes – not just in the STEAM classes – there is an emphasis on the principles of STEAM and on Design Education as a way of fostering fluency in creative thinking skills to solve 21st century problems.