Beginning Backpacking 2019

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Beginning Backpacking 2019


Beginning Backpacking

Week of 7/8/19
L-Dub Students Only
For beginners and first-time backpackers.

Ever heard of this weird thing people do where they put everything on their back and hike into the mountains, deserts, or coastlines? Ever been so turned off by the idea that you are actually rather curious as to how people would do such a thing? Or instead, are you really interested in trying it out but never knew how or where to begin? Or maybe, you love car camping but are ready to take your time in the trees to the next level. Well this is your chance! On this trip to Mount Rainier National Park, we will be learning the basics of backpacking! We will learn how to pack a backpack, to cook on backpacking stoves, about the proper ways to camp and dispose of our waste, and the principles of Leave No Trace. We also frolic along the banks of the Carbon River and let the rush of the river lull us to sleep!

After spending two days at school packing and preparing, you and your group will set off on a three-day backpacking expedition through Mount Rainier National Park.

Whether you are looking to hone your skills and learn more tricks, or if you are excited to take your first step into the world of backpacking, all experience levels are welcome!

DEPOSIT: To secure your spot, please make a deposit of 50% with the code “1819OUTDOORS.” To pay the remaining due, you must log in to FACTS and make the second payment before April 1, 2019. If you are registering after April 1, 2019,  you must pay in full.

FINANCIAL AID: If your family qualifies for financial aid for the 1819 school year, please use your financial aid code when applying for this experience. You must pay in full at this time.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event your student is no longer able to attend, LWGMS will refund your deposit (up to 50% before April 30.) If you cancel after May 1, we are unable to offer you a refund but may be able to apply your fee to a different camp, please contact us for details.

Program Modification and Cancellation: LWGMS reserves the right to cancel or modify the program before or during its operation due to circumstances, including emergencies, low enrollment, unavailability of one or more facilities or personnel, or other reasons.

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