Film Festival: Claymation!

We were so excited and proud to feature our talented LWGMS filmmakers at our inaugural Film Festival last week. As we enjoy the new STEAM Studio, girls in all grades have learned new ways of telling stories, learning history, and creating art from pictures and words. The 8th grade Social Studies class spent a good part of this year making documentaries, first about Washington State and then about topics relevant to this year’s History Day theme: Rights and Responsibilities in History. In the STEAM classes, girls have created claymation films using colorful clay and stop motion animation. FLEx Week has produced some great films about being a strong girl, and the Drama class has used filmmaking as another way of exploring the dramatic arc and the role of conflict in stories. In only our first Film Festival, we had so many wonderful films to choose from – clearly, our girls have a lot to say and now have a whole new medium to express ideas and art. Here’s to the beginning of a great new L-Dub tradition!

– Ms. Jenny and Ms. Caitlin

Thank you to those who provided feedback to our 8th grade students about their documentaries. When the girls finish editing their pieces for the WA State Regional History Day competition, we'll post them here. Today, though, enjoy these wonderful stop-motion pieces from our STEAM class! All LWGMS videos can be seen here.