Welcome, Class of 2015!

On September 5, 2012, we were so excited to welcome our newest batch of 32 amazing girls - the Class of 2015!

The 2012/2013 admissions season was the first in which LWGMS accepted 32 students. Our newest L-Dub girls represent 23 schools, 17 zip codes, and four cities. Their diverse passions, interests, and abilities make up a class that is truly unique and dynamic.

The class consists of scientists and mathematicians: Alexis has built at least three robots, Flora enjoys seeing the outcome of an experiment, and Jayla would like to be a NASA engineer. Athletes abound in this class which can field several basketball and soccer teams. Grey is soon to be a Kempo Black Belt, Frances is a sailor, Jansen is an avid swimmer, Erica has karate running through her veins (her mother is LWGMS's martial arts program instructor), Shilpa is an equestrian, and Catherine ice skates.

A commitment to service is also prominent among the girls: Hava is passionate about rescuing turtles, Mikaela works with Penny Harvest and her local food bank, and Maren volunteers at Food Lifeline. When it comes to the arts, the members of Class of 2015 participate with gusto: Tana is a Pacific Islander dancer, Paisley and Jordan love to sing and act, Nora enjoys many forms of art, Isabel and Kitt have both performed in The Nutcracker, Lyric has many years of acting experience, Brook Rose is a painter, Addie enjoys crafting, and Eva and Abby both write stories and plays. The class is musically talented as well, with Jordyn singing for her church choir, Rosie and Aggie play the ukulele, Usha plays the cello, Phoebe is a flutest in the Seattle Youth Symphony, and Eva proclaims “music comes from my heart.”

As a result of her technological interests, Maddy submitted a PowerPoint presentation about her and her family with her application. Kenzie (among many others) enjoys both math and art, and Ophelia (among many others) is a voracious reader.

The class of 2015 is made up of Girl Scouts, cat lovers (one has a cat that eats popcorn!), outdoor enthusiasts, water sport fans, collectors (shells, rocks, and snow globes), foreign language speakers (Spanish, French, and Hebrew), and avid Harry Potter nuts (aren't we all?) Welcome to the Class of 2015! We are so thrilled to have you!