Alumnae Summer Camping Trip

This past summer teachers Jenny Zavatsky and Eva McGough led six members of the class of 2011 on a camping trip to The Enchantments in the North Cascade Mountains. Outdoor education is an important component of LWGMS's summer opportunities that help our girls - past, present, and future - become strong in mind, body, and voice.

The alumnae backpacking trip this summer might be the single most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Highlights: listening to mix tapes in the kidnapper van, the 11 doom hike to hobbiton, burning on rope bracelets with lighters at night, trying to hang food, sharing compliments around a headlamp fire, and driving back eating carrot sticks trying to make every second last twice as long. How could so much love and excitement and adventure and hilarity and deliciousness and warmth pack into one four day trip? I could have never come home.

— Finn '11