An interview with Ms. Klema

Ms. Klema is LWGMS's new 6th grade art teacher. She is also the Advancement Assistant. Last week, sixth grade student Usha sat down with Ms. Klema to learn a little bit more about her...

How did you hear about LWGMS? 
I was in graduate school and one of my classmates’ neighbors knew Ms.Blaisdell and said she was looking for an intern.

Why did you choose LWGMS?     
I chose lwgms because I was interested in the small size of the school. I was living in New York and working with middle school girls before I moved to Seattle, and I thought that this school would be a good fit.

If you had a different job what would it be and why?    
If I had a different job it would be working in the education department of an art museum. I love the idea of developing curriculum and curating artwork in an institution whose sole focus is on art.

How did you know that you wanted to be an art teacher?    
I was torn between going to art school and going to a school to become a classroom teacher and while I was looking at colleges I realized that I could be both a teacher and be a artist!

Did you like art growing up as a child?    
I did, I loved art! Both my parents are artists so we have a studio in my house that I spend a lot of time in.

What's your favorite work of art?    
My favorite work of art is called Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

Who is your favorite artist, and why do you like this persons artwork?      
My favorite artist is Kara Walker. I like her work because its visually simple but powerful at the same time, and whenever I see her work in person, I get blown away by how gorgeous it is.

How do feel about your job at LWGMS and to you plan on staying?     
I absolutely love my job at LWGMS. I think its a wonderful combination of advancement and teaching. I feel very lucky to be in the classroom this year. I do plan on staying!