Let Me Tell You Something About L-Dub...

Let me tell you something about L-Dub. L-Dub is a place where girls don’t have to be scared to raise their hand in class, a place where girls can focus on their education, and a place where girls can be strong.

I remember waiting for the LWGMS letter. My fate was relying on this letter. I remember myself waiting for the mailman to come every day. When that special letter came, I ripped it open and leaped for joy.

When I first came to L-Dub, I was nervous, excited, and scared. I thought to myself, “Will these girls be mean to me because of my looks? Will they make fun of me for my clothes? What will I have to do to fit in?” As I walked into the classroom, I was looking at a bunch of nonjudgmental girls who were just as afraid as me.

L-Dub’s focus on academics is great. My teachers, parent, and friends are all so supportive. Our teachers push us to do our very best so we are prepared for high school and the future.

L-Dub was the perfect place for me, and when I walked onto the white marble stairs of Lake Washington Girls Middle School, I had no idea how lucky I was.

Maite '13