Festival of Lights...and voices!

On December 20th, our community came together for the 15th annual Poetry Night at Lake Washington Girls Middle School. This festival of lights and voices celebrates the holiday season, our greater L-Dub community, and the writing and recitation of poetry by each and every student. This year's event was truly special and we thank everyone - teachers, students, families/volunteers - who made the evening possible.

Spent last night at LWGMS’s celebration of the Festival of Lights. Each and every girl recited a poem, either an original or someone else’s. They did it sometimes in twos or threes. Much of the original writing in the poetry elective was taken from three Mary Oliver poems. They used these lines as springboards:

”You do not have to be good...”
”What will you do with your one wild and precious life...”
”I do not know what prayer is....”

Both my husband and I were captivated. I was in awe of their teachers because the evening was truly amazing and never boring. We are so blessed to have these gifted teachers working with our daughter and all the girls at LWGMS.

And the poetry anthology of all original drawings and poems is stunning. Am I dreaming? Don’t wake me up!!

Many thanks to all teachers and everyone who made this evening so special.

— Suzanne Edison P'15