L-Dub Students Learn To Code

Yesterday, the Class of 2014 participated in AppDay - it was great! The girls spent almost four hours programming their Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, and iPhones; they learned to draw amazing designs (like the spirographs ones of our youth) with the Turtle program; and they learned the beginnings of making a game in which you tap an icon (either a monster or balloon or whatever they chose) to gain points with the Monster Slicer or Bubble Bouncer program.

The girls embodied persistance. With the programming, if they didn't get it right, they'd get an error message. Sometimes it was easy to figure out where they went wrong, but other times it wasn't. There were a number of volunteers walking around to help out, but often the girls figured the issue out on their own or with one another's help. None of them settled for the bare minimum project either; they were all trying to add more colors, or shapes, or backgrounds, or sounds.

Ask your girls to show you what they learned. They can also show you how they did the coding, and if you're a neophyte like most of them, you'll appreciate how confusing it can be.

Thank you so much Ms. Rooks and Rob McCann P'14 who took the girls and offered valuable programming advice, and to Ms. Straley who spent most of Wednesday readying our fleet of Chromebooks to handle the programming.

Check Sadie '14 and Helen '14 - and another picture of a table full of 2014s - on Geekwire!