8th Grade Play Glory

When each year’s eighth grade, after much research and discussion, chooses the plays they want to perform for their big middle school drama finale, we don’t know what themes will emerge as most salient. I always find myself pondering – during the explorations of character, fits of giggles, loud and raucous singing, and moments of frustration that happen during the rehearsal process – what those themes that speak to the actors will be. While much of the fun of the eighth grade show is being silly and playing over-the-top characters, I also think that a function of this swan song is to use the art of drama to work through some questions, anticipate the next step, and face some fears. 

This year, the eighth grade chose two one-acts with some pretty strong feminist themes (although it may be hard, dear audience, to find those themes in all the farce.) In the first play, Juliet takes over Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet, creating more parts for women and challenging the misogyny of Shakespeare’s time. Although Shakespeare might have been reluctant to admit it, Juliet actually is a strong character. The second play tells the story of a high school’s attempt to cast a musical without enough boys to play the parts written for boys – something that we at LWGMS don’t find a challenge at all. It’s also a story about young people dealing with not getting everything they want and, for some, getting responsibilities and pressure they don’t think they can handle. And there is where that eighth grade moment of working through questions and fears comes in. Not every cast or crew member got what she wanted in this show: Not enough songs. Too many songs. Not enough lines. Too many lines. Too much dancing. Oh, no – that dress! I can’t wear that dress! Please don’t make me wear a mustache! And yet, in the end, it’s telling the story – and more importantly, the camaraderie built while creating the show – that matters. What fun it has been telling this story with the talented and creative Class of 2014!

The cast was full of talent and full of ideas, and the crew on this show was as well! They collaborated to design a beautiful show, from props to sets to costumes to lighting to sound. 

Thank you to you all,
Ms. Hearn 

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