LWGMS Hits the Seattle Interactive Conference!

On October 15, Ms. Hearn will be presenting The Making of a School at the Seattle Interactive Conference. SIC 2014 will be examining the evolving landscape of Seattle pioneer-ism by turning to those with firsthand experience redefining the industry. They are the Makers; thought-leaders who synthesize creative inspiration with the next big idea, and companies that successfully cultivate innovation and then translate it into something meaningful. 

Most schools say they want their students to succeed. As the head of Lake Washington Girls Middle School, Ms. Hearn begins many back-to-school talks by telling parents she wants their girls to fail. Ms. Hearn will talk to the conference-goers about the need for and the beginnings of LWGMS, and then she'll turn it over to a panel of seventh and eighth grade students who will discuss their experience in a school that embraces failure and cultivates creative confidence. LWGMS girls are rewriting the popular narrative that adolescence is a time when girls lose confidence, lose interest in STEM subjects, and engage in negative peer relationships.

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Patti Hearn is the Head of School at Lake Washington Girls Middle School in Seattle, a school committed to offering girls the opportunity to become competent risk takers and courageous mistake makers. About seventeen years ago, Ms. Hearn began working with a group of parents to open the first middle school for girls in the Northwest. Since then, she has been sharing her expertise in humanities, drama, martial arts, and curriculum development. She has also “taught”  lots of things in which she is not an expert, because she believes that teachers who are excited to learn alongside their students are the best role models. Today, LWGMS is an inspiring hub of creativity, design, inquiry, presentation, performance, analysis, messiness, and resilience, with 100 students, a few hundred alumnae, a dozen teacher role models, a leading-edge STEAM program, and lots of joy.

Ms. Hearn has spoken at educational conferences that include the National Association of Independent Schools and the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch and a Bachelor’s from Rutgers University. She has also broken a concrete block with her elbow, married the same architect twice, and produced two cuddly yet independent children. Sometimes, she reads the whole book before her book club meeting.

Use code SPKLWGRL100 for $100 off tickets! And if you're there, be sure to visit LWGMS's STEAM Booth! Ms. Cristina, Ms. Caitlin, Ms. Chelsea, and some students will be there guiding conference-goers through some cool L-Dub STEAM projects using LittleBits...banana pianos, anyone?!