Fall Sports Season Wrapup

Our Fuerza fall sports season wrapped up with a volleyball tournament, a soccer win, and cross country championship. Our L-Dub athletes had fun, learned and improved their skills, and balanced the joy of athleticism and teamwork with the competitiveness of their chosen sport. Thank you to every one who made this season such a success!


Cross Country

We just finished our second season of Fuerza Cross Country. When I first got involved last year I had few hopes or expectations for the team other than to simply have fun – and make sure that by the end of the season the girls enjoyed running a little more than they did at the beginning. Simple enough. It’s fair to say we accomplished this… but through the course of the season – as individuals and as a team – we achieved so much more. One of my favorite sayings about running is: “running never takes more than it gives.” At some point during the season, whether in a race or practice, every girl faced a moment of doubt, concern, or maybe even mild anxiety. And every girl faced that challenge, pushed through, and learned volumes about herself in the process. We also learned that cross country is a true team sport – not just in the scoring of the meets, but also in how we all show up and support one another. And yes, we won the championship meet two years in a row (!!!), but I’m even more proud of how the girls showed up to practice and meets each day and gave it their all…and had a ton of fun too!

I’m super proud to have been one of the founding Fuerza XC coaches, and incredibly thankful to have had Erik and Jeff coach along with me…and also have Colleen, Chika, and all the other parents supporting with car pools and race-day logistics. What an amazing season! With only three graduating eighth graders (shout out to team captains Mena, Tess and Nora!), Erik and Jeff are sure to have another amazing team on their hands next year. I can’t wait to come cheer for the girls. GO FUERZA! 
– Coach Adam


Three years ago I began helping out with soccer when my daughter Gemma started LWGMS in sixth grade. Back then it was a team comprising one eighth grader, several seventh graders, and a group of sixth graders of widely varying experience – all of them wearing sneakers. Our first game was against a super organized team of dark-blue uniformed, giant gazelles, but nothing stopped us. We had so much fun fun that season....we even won the last game 1-0, the lone goal coming just before the final whistle. :)

The constant thrill is watching the incoming sixth graders form the core of every team. Each year they arrive ready to make it happen. Soccer at LW is a fantastic opportunity for girls of all levels from beginners to the club select and premier level, yes we have all, to come together and experience forming a team that is focused and together and, most satisfying, having fun.

The thrill would be to keep coaching FUERZA soccer forever. 
– Coach Colin

Photos and video by Joe Sherman P'17.



Fuerza volleyball had a season full of fun and competition…with lots of smiles and hard work. We started in the warm afternoons of September, catching water balloons to practice our footwork. The girls endured red forearms from endless bumping and sore hands from setting. Most of all we worked on serving, culminating in our game at Seattle Country Day where our serve rate was close to 100%. This season there was a dash of spiking and we even had a few spikes in some games, much to the excitement of everyone involved. Our teams exemplified the LW value of sisterhood with a lot of spirit and support (for good and bad plays). Additional memories include: bus rides, pizza, a new group cheer for the beginning of games, Dead Fish and Murder (your daughters can explain), human knots and skittles colored by unicorns. Hopefully the girls left with many great memories!
– Coach Shawn