Alice Was Wonderful!

Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old this year, and the LWGMS Drama Department decided to throw her a birthday party – L-Dub style! As we tell the story of a curious girl on an adventure through another land, our inspiration comes from the 1970s (with a little Taylor Swift and Katy Perry thrown in for good measure). Without any real logic to Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole, we embraced any idea that came along and created a show that highlighted the talents of eighth graders’ dance, art, and sewing skills; seventh graders’ singing and acting chops; and sixth graders’ energy and excitement. We added new and old songs throughout the rehearsal process as well as new characters and additional scenes. When anyone questioned how a new idea might fit in the storyline, the answer was always, “It’s Wonderland, so anything can happen!” We hope you will enjoy our wacky tale of Alice, a girl on a quest to find out who she is.

As with any LWGMS production, many people contribute to the success of our shows: the music sounds great because of Ms. Lindsey, the sets and costumes look great because of Ms. Chelsea, the actors are loud and clear because of Ms. Eva and Ms. Hearn, and the volunteers get coordinated because of Ms. Colleen. Ultimately, the entire community contributes to these shows in so many ways. None of this would happen without the help and support of the faculty and staff who give up class time, drive set pieces and kids to the theater, and then come to the shows to cheer on the girls. Thanks to all the parents and family members who I’m sure spent hours listening to songs, running lines, and filling the theater with love.