Kids In Medicine Wows 8th Grade

On Monday, the Class of 2015 headed over to Kids In Medicine (KIM) – our partners in O.W.L. – to take part in their new “B3” program (Biotech, Birth & Babies). KIM helps us provide a connection between our girls’ current O.W.L. academic studies and their futures in potential STEAM careers.  

Our students performed medical simulations in obstetrics (delivering a baby) and neonatal care (infant resuscitation). Afterward, they performed the method of DNA fingerprinting in the laboratory to learn how gel electrophoresis can reveal DNA banding patterns to identify heritage (paternity testing for the “baby” that they delivered). 

More from Lael McAuliffe, Director, Education & Curriculum Development...

"The day was based on a fictitious scenario of a modern family to provide a cohesive storyline to tie the fields of science together for the students. In short, our scenario involved a two-mom family who underwent IVF to achieve their dream of parenthood. One mother was the egg donor, while the other mother was the gestational carrier – giving both parents a biological connection to their child. The couple chose an anonymous sperm donor from a bank. However, prior to delivery, the co-parents were informed that the IVF lab may have made an error, and paternity testing should be performed once the baby is delivered. With this information, the students began their four rotations of: 1) delivering a baby, 2) neonatal care and working with moulage, 3) learning to use a micropipette for biotech lab work, and 4) discussing the method of DNA fingerprinting. Following this, the students successfully performed gel electrophoresis to determine the parentage for the “baby”. While running the DNA gels, students also discussed the potential bioethical implications of our scenario.

We are very grateful to the Gossman Center, who provided the Noelle-Simulator, infant simulator, baby warmer and additional equipment. Merllie Flores, a nurse simulation facilitator, and Ben Wilson, an IT technician, were enthusiastic expert educators. They also brought moulage – a media applied to simulate trauma or medical illness. What a great example of art and science coming together for the students to see.    

Our goals for your LWGMS students were: 1) to provide authentic clinical and laboratory experiences, 2) expose your girls to careers in medicine/science that they’d never heard of before, and 3) have the students leave more curious, wanting to pursue any new questions/interests that were raised. In other words – hands-on engagement, STEAM career awareness, and developed curiosity."

Here are some photos from the program...

Following the program, the girls completed a post-field trip evaluation. Here are a few of the things that they had to say:

I loved the clear explanations and hands on experiences.
— Hava
I really liked listening to the babies heart and learning the baby CPR. I would like to either become a teacher, or work with newborns in a hospital or work in a biotech job
— Jordan
I plan to apply to colleges with a strong pre-med programs...
— Alexis


Thank you, KIM!