We Are Believers!

Shrek is a well-loved franchise among many in the L-Dub community. And why wouldn't it be?  This story shows us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that what's on the inside is what counts, that being different is okay, and that with the help of your friends, you can do just about anything. For middle schoolers, these themes are front and center to their everyday lives in and out of school, and I've felt honored to get to explore the idea of inner beauty with the girls these past few months. I'm so proud of the bravery, energy, and honesty each actor brought to this production, and I'm so excited for you to see it. The cast’s inner beauty shines in every scene!

Quite a few thanks are in order: to Colleen West for her endless patience and organization, even when I threw curveballs her way; to Karri Meleo for the gracious use of the karate uniforms and the complete instructions on how to properly care for them; to the eighth grade crew for learning on their feet and doing so with a smile; to Lindsey Mutschler for her amazing musical prowess and her commitment to each and every singer onstage; to Steve Pullman for his behind the scenes sound engineering; to Eva McGough and Patti Hearn for teaching the girls the electric slide, the twist, and the swim at the eleventh hour and with an impressive amount of attitude and pizzazz; to Molly Klema for wrangling the majority of the cast every morning and seeing them safely and happily delivered to the theater; to Jan Frederick for once again making the characters come alive with stunning costumes; and to Jenny Zavatsky for being a constant sounding board, thought partner, and excellent mentor. Lastly, thank you to the entire L-Dub community for carpooling, for bagels, for technical assistance, for front of house duties, and for supporting our young actors. 


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