Pi Day 2015

L-Dub celebrated our favorite irrational number on Monday. We had two Math professors visit us from the University of Washington to talk with the girls about women in Math and the research that they are engaged in.  

Dr. Tatiana Toro spoke to us about her personal journey into the world of Mathematics, which began with participation in a Math olympiad during her high school years. Dr. Toro encouraged L-Dub girls to follow their hearts when choosing a career, "If you do what you love, the rest will fall into place." 

Dr. Billey

Dr. Billey

Dr. Sara Billey introduced some new ideas in Math that have been inspired by Origami. She demonstrated how paper folding can solve a Mathematical proof and challenged us to search for mathematical knowledge everywhere.

For the rest of the morning, the girls rotated between four activities. They made songs and poems about pi, made a life size pi chain that will live in the Math room, they built life-size domes out of tape and newspaper, and they played capture the pi with hula hoops! After our activities wrapped up, our girls ate their lunch – followed by your sweet and savory pies! Thank you to everyone for sending in such a delicious selection for us all to enjoy.  


Reese '17 rocks out 325 digits of Pi!

Our pi day celebrations ended with an all-school presentation of pi songs, pi digit recitation, and some pi-ing of the Math department (and Ms. Hearn!). Congratulations to all of the girls on their hard work memorizing the many digits of pi. Many of our girls memorized over 100 digits this year, and our 2015 pi-day winner is Reese '17 with 325 digits memorized.

– Ms. Nisha

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