Teacher Appreciation for Hands-on STEAM Learning

Lake Washington Girls Middle School teacher Christine Zarker Primomo was surprised in front of all of her students and colleagues moments ago. During the school’s Teacher Appreciation assembly today, CenturyLink representative Jane Nishita presented Primomo with an oversized check, balloons, and the honor of recognition for her innovations in technology and teaching. Primomo is the recipient of The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation's Teachers and Technology grant in the amount of $4,984!

Primomo’s project Increasing Opportunities for Hands-On STEAM Investigations was selected for its goals of innovatively implementing technology to increase student achievement, and with the grant she will be able to realize her plans: to purchase four complete sets of Vernier computer interfaces and probeware and associated software, and to attend the Vernier Summer Institute so that she will be better prepared to integrate the technology in the school’s STEAM and Science curricula.

Primomo explained in her application, “With the addition of Vernier probeware and software to our STEAM Studio and Science classroom, our students will be better equipped to test and retest their designs and solutions, as well as gain experience collecting data during scientific investigations related to ecology, human biology, physics, chemistry, and more. This technology will allow students the opportunity to collect, analyze, and communicate data on investigations such as the pollution levels in a local stream before and after a school-wide habitat restoration project. This invaluable learning opportunity seamlessly integrates science and technology in our students’ lives, supporting students to discover how to use science and technology to make an impact on their communities. We believe that the hands-on learning opportunities available in the STEAM Studio and Science classroom that are relevant to our students’ daily lives have engaged our students not just engineers, scientists, and mathematicians, but most importantly as active community members.”

At Lake Washington Girls Middle School, the science curriculum is intended to foster a sense of excitement and curiosity about the field of science and the ways in which it permeates every aspect of our daily lives. LWGMS students conduct experiments, explore connections between different scientific phenomena, carry out research, build models, and present their findings. In addition, students take year-long STEAM classes that integrate the arts with science, technology, engineering, and math. The three year scope and sequence begins with shop safety and use of tools and culminates in an individual project that demonstrates students’ ability to solve problems using STEAM skills. The STEAM curriculum is designed to get girls excited about engineering, technology, science, and math while expanding their creative confidence. The work in STEAM classes is regularly integrated with learning in other classes, so that the skills and knowledge are easily applicable and relevant across disciplines.

Please help us congratulate Christine Zarker Primomo for her dedication to girls’ science education, for her innovation in the classroom, and for her infectious enthusiasm for cultivating confidence in her students. Christine is committed – as are all of Lake Washington Girls Middle School’s faculty and staff – to creating a space where girls can grow into young women, strong in mind, body, and voice.