8th Grade One Act Festival

Q: What could be a better theme for the culmination of eighth grade drama at LWGMS than a play about being in a play?

A: Three plays.

The shows performed by the Class of 2015 highlight the girls’ talent for being funny. We knew that this class of comediennes would revel in the world of comedy and satire, and the three plays in this one act festival are showcases for their ability to serve up humor with perfect timing and slapstick physicality. With smaller casts than ever, we got to celebrate the culminating drama production for this class with intimacy and attention to detail. Rehearsals were a delight as we worked out complex blocking, key monologues, and ensemble scenes; we even got to reminisce about those wildly entertaining moments as Oompa-Loompas and the songs and dances from Peter Pan and Mulan. It has been a wonderful few weeks of theatre as the halls of L-Dub were filled with the girls’ and their directors’ laughter.

Eighth graders, thank you for making this production funnier than we thought it could be and for being good sports about whatever we asked you to do, whether it was sing, sing badly, dance, dance badly, speak with an accent, speak with an unintelligible accent, fight, fall, cut lines, add lines, or hit your friends over the head.

You are 35 reasons to direct a play.

The cast was full of talent and full of ideas, and the crew on this show was as well! The dedicated seventh grade team of artists collaborated to design a beautiful show, from props to sets to costumes to lighting to sound.

Thank you to you all,
Ms. Hearn, Ms. Jenny, and Ms. Chelsea

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