Field Day Frenzy

This year's Field Day was by far the loudest yet – our first at full capacity (we've doubled the size of the school over the past three years, if you didn't already know) – and the walls, floors, and windows were shaking! Cheers reached a new level this year. They were inspired: creative, inclusive, and fun! R&R groups took their cheer and costumes (all hand made from, repurposed, and/or recycled materials) very seriously! 

Judging Criteria

  1. Participation: Every member must be fully involved in the performance
  2. Enthusiasm: R&R logos, costumes, colors, mascots
  3. Preparation: All singing/speaking parts are memorized; members know their parts
  4. Sportsmanship: Cheer has a positive, friendly, and inclusive message

Congratulations to the Royal Red Raccoons for their cheer win, and to all of the groups for their amazing spirit, enthusiasm, and energy!

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