The Graduates of 2015!

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Ms. Nisha addresses the graduates, families, and friends.

Ms. Nisha addresses the graduates, families, and friends.

"I would like to suggest that all of your moments at L-Dub and all of your future moments can be connected to math and the properties of three special numbers: prime numbers, composite numbers, and perfect squares.

First, our prime number moments. A prime number is a number that is only divisible by itself and one. Between the numbers of one and ten, one is prime. So are two, three, five, and seven. There are many prime number moments in our lives. This is when we tackle life solo, on our own. We can compare these moments to the exhilaration we feel when we are diving, the motivation we feel studying the night before an exam, the moments when your only companion is yourself. We sometimes feel the strength of our independence in these moments and other times we feel very alone. But being alone and feeling alone don’t always have to go hand-in-hand. In these moments of fierce independence, be gentle with yourself. Celebrate what feels good, and try to understand what doesn’t. You are in control, and you can use your strength and your wisdom to continue growing as a solid prime number.   

The second type of number I want to talk about is a composite number. Composite numbers have multiple factors, many parts. Between the numbers one and ten, we have five composite numbers: four, six, eight, nine, and ten. We similarly have many composite number moments. These occur anytime we share with others – during group projects, around a table at lunch, when you courageously reach out for help, or when others courageously reach out to you. In order to really succeed as composite numbers, we need to understand each of our factors. In math, numbers bring computational power and flexibility. In life, our composite relationships are similar. In these moments, seek to understand one another, celebrate each person's strengths. We are all doing the best we can with the tools that we have been given, we are growing and learning from each other.

And finally, we have perfect square moments. Some of our composite numbers are perfect squares. Four is a perfect square, nine also. Even our prime number one can be called a perfect square. Perfect squares are beautiful. They have simple symmetry, they are accessible, easily inverted, and deeply appreciated. They can be compared to an exquisite performance at poetry night. The room is silent, the lights hit you at just the right angle, your pace is perfect, and your poem is moving – there is not a dry eye in the house. My advice to you in those moments of stardom: step into the spotlight, even when feels hard – especially when it feels hard – and embrace the natural perfection of those rare moments.

Now, as we wrap up these final moments of middle school, please take your numbers with you. As you move on to ninth grade I want you to remember all of the moments you’ve had here at L-Dub – the reflections you’ve made, the compliments given, and the compliments received. While the perfect square moments are the ones secured on your cameras, I would like to ask you today to focus on the prime and the composite numbers as well. If you choose in life to be honest and generous with yourself and others, you will breathe more and worry less. You will make room to experience the small moments of joy available to you everyday. Your happiness will grow – it will grow exponentially!"

–Ms. Nisha

Right now, there lives a girl who is a risk taker, an advocate, an athlete. A girl who has learned to be confident, to persevere, to mindful-minute herself through any stressful situation she happens to end up in. This girl – the one you see standing in front of you giving this speech – has learned to cope with her fears and her flaws. And this girl . . . this girl is me “after”. After I met some of the most influential people I will ever meet. After these girls, without ever realizing it, fixed me. They befriended me, they encouraged me, they helped me. This girl is the me now.
— Eva B

Annie Wright Upper School

Shorecrest High School

Ballard High School

Franklin High School

Garfield High School

Nathan Hale High School 

Summit Sierra School

Ingraham High School

Raisbeck Aviation High School 

Garfield High School

Brook Rose
The Northwest School

The Nova Project

Ballard High School

Garfield High School

Garfield High School

Ballard High School

Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

Garfield High School

The Bush School

The Northwest School

The Nova Project

Seattle Preparatory School

Bishop Blanchet High School

The Northwest School

Ingraham High School

Garfield High School

Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Northwest School

The Bush School

Garfield High School

Garfield High School

Garfield High School

Bainbridge High School

Bishop Blanchet High School 

Seattle Preparatory School

Oh The Places We'll Go


Today is our day.

We’re off to Great Places!

We're off and away!

We have brains in your head.

Thanks to all the great teachers

Who’ve definitely shown us

How to be leaders

We’re not on our own. We have our magnificent friends

That we know will stay with us

To the very end.

Maybe we’ve done some things that weren't exactly fun

But in the end when it’s all said and done

We’ve learned so much

We’ve learned a lot

We’d be glum if we forgot.

Whether it was singing on stage

Or doing Karate

We are now more strong in mind, voice, and body.

From the tall red lockers

To the noisy halls

The big glass doors

And the broken bathroom stalls,

We thank L-Dub for all of our knowledge

that we’ll take with us to highschool

and even to college!

Oh the places we’ll go!

Garfield, Prep, or Blanchet

I’m sure we agree that we’ll never forget

The friendships we’ve gained

The things we’ve been through

That made those friendships

Truer than true.

So to my classmates

One last thing:

We're off the Great Places!

Today is our day!

Our mountain is waiting.

Let’s get on your way!


Little did I know everything that L-Dub has taught me was slowly boosting my confidence. From the presentations that we had to do in every class, and speaking on the spot during mock trial, to being forced to be in a play each year (which wasn’t that bad). I personally think that I have come a long way. I started as a little kid who didn’t want to do anything other than sit in a corner and have become a girl who can solo six words in the final song of the eighth grade play. Six words! Well now that I don’t have much else to say what I would like to say is thank you to everyone for helping me through this long journey called middle school. And thank you for helping me realize that I too can be strong in mind body and voice.
— Catherine

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