Festival of Lights 2016

Lake Washington Girls Middle School Festival of Lights/Poetry Night: Odes to the Real: Authoring Authenticity.

This year's Poetry Night's theme was Odes to the Real: Authoring Authenticity.

The poetry elective’s performance was inspired by Amanda Gorman’s poem, At the Age of 18: Ode to Girls of Color. Below is an excerpt from that poem:

“...I know my color is not warning, but a welcome.

A girl of color is a lighthouse, an ultraviolet ray of power, potential, and promise

My color does not mean caution, it means courage

my dark does not mean danger, it means daring,

my brown does not mean broken, it means bold backbone from working

twice as hard to get half as far.

Being a girl of color means I am key, path, and wonder all in one body…”

Thank you to Dan DeLong P'19 for these stunning photos of the event. See more on Smugmug, and stay tuned for video!