The WIZard of Oz!

The second show of the year for L-Dub’s Drama Department features another girl’s quest. Quite similar to Alice, Dorothy’s journey takes her on an adventure that includes singing, dancing, and general mayhem; a perfect combination for our school full of energy and talent. The entire cast and crew of The Wizard of Oz brought so much energy to every phase of the show, from adding scenes, songs, and dances, to creating beautiful projections and sets. There was no end to the girls’ willingness to try a new dance or sing a new song. In fact, there were some great ideas added just days before opening night. The hardest part of directing this show was limiting the girls’ energy and ideas – if we had another week of rehearsals, I’m sure there would be even more great songs, additional scenes, new characters, and some major dance numbers. 

As with any LWGMS production, there are so many people who contribute to the girls’ experience: Ms. Lindsey creates skillful and beautiful accompaniment: Ms. Chelsea makes magic happen with hot glue, cardboard, paint, and well-curated trips to Value Village: Ms. Eva and Ms. Hearn encourage the actors to speak with conviction and volume; Ms. B takes the eighth grade crew members and teaches them how to run a seamless show; Anne Gienapp coaches the girls to sing with precision and harmony; Ms. Colleen makes sure the girls are where they need to be; and the eighth grade crew brings enthusiasm, organization, and leadership to their sisters’ production. The entire L-Dub community contributes to these shows from faculty and staff to family members who drive set pieces and kids to the theater, and then come to the shows to cheer on the girls. 

We hope you enjoyed L-Dub’s version of a trip down the Yellow Brick Road!

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