Seeking Women in STEM for STEAM Cafés!

Research on the gap between men and women in STEM fields points to the scarcity of readily available role models for girls as they consider STEM careers. The lack of female role models reinforces some negative stereotypes held by girls and young women about STEM fields, and as girls begin to consider high school classes, college majors, and career paths, STEM fields are not reinforced by respected role models for them. It’s been noted that the “male geek” stereotype about computer scientists actively dissuades women from considering the field. At LWGMS, we aim to expose our students to a wide variety of women role-models and mentors in STEM ensure that every girl has the potential to find a role-model or mentor with whom she connects.

For our students, this is where STEAM Cafés come in. Did you know that LWGMS’s STEAM Department hosts times for students to meet with female STEM leaders during their lunch period one a month to learn about their research and/or work? Yup! STEAM Cafés are a wonderful opportunity to open our students' minds to new careers and introduce them to STEM role models, and they were a huge hit last year! 

We learned from our role models Riley Andert, Parul Christian, Amie Patao, Cynthia Putnam, Cheryl Greengrove, I-Wei Feng, and Dana Manalang to name a few, that many of them are trying hard to encourage others into their fields, taking on leadership positions, and trying hard to inspire fellow and future scientists. For our students to have faces, names, and biographies to aspire to was truly inspiring.We are currently accepting nominations and registrations for LWGMS STEAM Café presenters! If you are – or know – a rad woman in STEM who would like to connect with our students, please click the link in our bio and send her our way!

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To learn more or sign up, please complete this Google Form. Any questions, please email LWGMS Science teacher, Ms. Christine.