My culture is not a costume

On Monday, Ms. Nisha joined King5 Take5 hosts Angela Russell and Michelle Li in their studio to talk about L-Dub's work around cultural appropriation in costumes. Ms. Nisha was amazing and we're so proud that she was able to bring L-Dub's work to the greater Seattle community.

This week, I did a television interview about cultural costumes on Halloween. I have struggled with people simplifying and appropriating the Indian culture through food, dress, accents, and stereotypes for a long time, and it felt good to finally put some feelings into action. Interestingly, growing up in Canada, I didn’t find myself aware of kids wearing cultural costumes on Halloween. I was aware, however, of characters like Apu on the Simpsons and the myriad of ways I felt like my culture was simplified and exotified for general consumption. As a young person, and someone trying not to call attention to my culture, it was hard to put words to these feelings.
— Ms. Nisha

We're so lucky to have teachers like Ms. Nisha at L-Dub. Ms. Nisha leads the faculty/staff Equity and Social Justice Committee; the student Explorations of Race Club; mindfulness work for students and faculty; and the Restorative Justice work done by students and adults. Thank you for all you do!