Molly Moon Inspires Our Girls

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It is ThinkTank week! While the cast and crew of Charlotte’s Web are at Broadway Performance Hall putting their final touches on the production that opens Thursday at 7p, the rest of our students are here on campus, deep diving into statistics projects and creating plans for businesses they’re dreaming up.

To help them along, we invited Molly Moon Neitzel, Founder and CEO of Molly Moon’s, to tell our girls her story…and answer their many questions! Ms. Molly told our girls that while growing up she took every opportunity she could to stretch herself in terms of leadership roles; that she started off her career in the non-profit world, engaging young people in progressive politics; that she worked three part time jobs while writing the business plan for Molly Moon’s; that optimism is a core component of all she does, from hiring and employee management to living her life; that equitable employment practices – providing free health care, paid family leave, sick leave, living wages, and pay transparency – a tool for reducing the gender and POC pay gap – creates a healthier, more robust work force; that being a mom and a CEO is hard, and she often tells herself “you don’t have to do all the things you want to do at the same time.”

The seventh grade, exploring bias and control in statistics as well as learning some mathematical tools to better understand and explain data, have already reported that “Ms. Molly's talk allowed us to stretch our ideas about bias and control by thinking about how she creates a similar customer experience. We also benefitted from her story, as we are thinking about values and intentions and how these ideas can play our in our projects/work.” Her stories were relatable. Her advice was responsible. Her passion was palpable. She’s total Locker Lady material…

We were honored to have Molly Moon with us today!

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