Some Play!

L-Dub students brought the world of E. B. White and the classic story of a pig and a spider who become best friends to life on the stage. Through the love and friendship of a brilliant spider named Charlotte (and a few other farm animals), our hero, Wilbur, learned that he is quite some pig, who is terrific, radiant, and humble. As this bittersweet tale of friendship came to life on the L-Dub stage, the energy and enthusiasm from all the actors and crew members made the rehearsals a time of singing, dancing, and laughing. This was some cast and a terrific crew. The radiant Ms. B made costumes, props, and sets out of thin air, and the terrific Ms. Eva ran a tight ship and kept this director on task and on time. Ms. Mutschler and Señora Jacquie are some teachers – they took 18 sixth graders and turned them into dancing goslings and spiders. The ever-radiant Ms. Andi gave guidance and support to our singers and guitar players. Thanks to all the parents, L-Dub staff, and others who helped make this play terrific.