2018 Social Justice Film Festival

Lake Washington Girls Middle School Social Justice Film Festival 2018

The Fifth Annual LWGMS Film Festival showcases the social justice films made by the class of 2018. As part of the Humanities curriculum, the Walls to Bridges class highlights taking action in a number of different ways, and on May 10, the eighth graders inspired us with their storytelling in the film medium. With their classmates, the students agreed on a topic, generated a thesis, created a storyboard, integrated interviews, videos, and still photos, and edited a five-minute film that inspired its audience to act, to think, and to discuss important issues facing our country and the world. The students’ film topics were indicators of what is on their minds, and this year, students had messages about gun violence, racism, the LGBTQ community, gender, dress codes, immigration, the Mee Too movement, and the media. Using film as a means of social change, students worked hard to create passionate and creative films that inspire us all to see things differently, to challenge old ideas, and to take action.

Some special thanks are in order. Mr. E is the answer to all things technical, Ms. Blaisdell makes the festival run smoothly, and filmmaker Eli Kimaro brought four other filmmakers to L-Dub to preview the films and offer invaluable feedback for the student filmmakers.

Congratulations to all of our filmmakers! You can find all the films – including the four audience-choice winners – on our YouTube page